Female Only

Your cosmetics he uses as well

In everyday life, there are a bunch of things that women love to draw on their husbands – for example, a shirt or shaver. But the men did not give up this habit. We will present a list of nine popular means of care which occasionally enjoy and men.

Manicure scissors
Caring hands in men is a real ritual, especially if it happens at home. This procedure is simply impossible to proceed without such scissors. To cut cuticles and nail themselves to give the necessary form … And if in the men cosmetic bag (oh God!) No manicure scissors, and this is generally right, then help salvation in the face of the friend sister, wife, and even the mother.

And it nails not stratify nowhere and form to be used File the smooth. However men did not matter what your File the nails of thinning – nor hardness or material. Do not they need to know. The main thing that interests them is to function. And wh … hardly the store. File the features every woman, even sometimes more than one.

Dry skin of hands or scaly face – than suffer not only women. Because strong wind, temperatures drop no different men than women. The situation can be saved only by using a special cream that men normally do not have at home. Then again rush in aid funds girlfriend or wife. Unconditionally, you can go and buy, but why exactly?

The powder is not necessary for men to her “powdered brains.” To make the protective layer holders haircut “dome” often resort to female powder to put a protective layer of the head. You should try baldness does not shine, and this is obtained, for example by television lights. Progress does not stand in one place and recently was released entirely male powder for just such cases. However, it sold extremely rare and hardly differs radically from the female. As always, a marketing move.

Lip balm
Very trendy, especially in cold weather. And also in the spring not so pleasant wind assisted izprahvaneto lips. They begin to dry and even to peel. Help in this not an easy situation may help type lip. It softens the lips and protects them from the harmful effects of weather conditions. Primary, when without question take balm, try not to confuse it with the usual lipstick, in this case glum looks inevitable.

Female shaver
This is an amazing paradox, but all women confirm that male shavers are better, and all the men that women are such! Quite men prefer to shave razors with your spouse. Why do not you buy a female … because much sweeter is to use this to your own wife.

Female shampoo
Many women report that their favorite men wash their heads with women’s shampoos. They even cease to buy pure male means. And that actually is not so bad, because it goes much more economically.

Body Milk
We lived. It is really amazing to find that men more often “beg” from their wives “thing for the body.” Generally, this happens after visiting the pool or beach then when the skin is dried and needs immediate nourishment. The question helps you milk body of men answer is unambiguous – naturally.

Gel and mousse
As with everything described above is easier to use these women than to buy their own.