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Beta glucans

Beta glucans are natural polysaccharides extracted from yeast yeast, some mushrooms, cereals and bacteria. They are natural immune stimulants have a direct impact on the immune system by activating immune cells called macrophages – in turn destroy pathogenic microorganisms and dead cells.

Here we emphasize how the beta-glucan acts on our skin and in particular that of the person. Except that helps its hydration, support and renewal of cells and restores shine its protective functions and is particularly suitable for sensitive skin, as well as deletion of traces of injuries and scars.

These natural polysaccharides not only moisturize the skin in depth, but also increase her immunity, protect cells from harmful effects of ultraviolet rays stimulate the formation of collagen, improve elasticity, smooth wrinkles and rejuvenate. Beta-glucans protect the skin from local infections and malignant cancers.

How exactly acting beta-glucan? It triggers a natural mechanism of recovery of the skin using its own resources. Therefore, spectrum of activity is extremely broad – increasing the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, strengthen blood vessels, stimulating the protective functions, boost immunity, regeneration of damaged areas of the skin, treat inflammation. Last but not least, as a result, beta-glucan has a rejuvenating effect