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Well now folks, division of opinion due to the war in Iraq has hit our fair metropolis. Tonight, and every Friday night until the conclusion of hostilities, there will be a candlelight vigil inside the loop (I neither support nor detract from such events, and will refrain from listing exact street names. If you are truly interested, you will find out for yourself). As the resident goof of GO.com, I choose not to engage in such activities. Nor will I engage in the pro-war protests that are likely to ensue this weekend. Instead, I will choose to keep my opinions to myself on this matter, and exercise my rights to vote either for or against the current leadership when the appropriate time comes.

But enough about me. Now for the entertainment part of this article. How cool would it be to hold an anti-protest protest? For those of you who have seen the (vastly underappreciated) movie P.C.U., you know the activity of which I speak. That’s when you gather together hundreds of people with differing opinions and say, in a loud unified voice, “We’re NOT gonna protest!” Picture the sign possibilities. And imagine the confusion of both the pro and anti war protesters who see a third group who are merely protesting the fact that people are protesting. It’s a serious news face-time opportunity, and definately could be an experiment in social engineering to see what happens.