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Recent Discussions Advanced Search. Discussion Best Knock off ever. What to search discussions comments questions answers polls groups. Ok the ugliest Iron thread made me think that maybe a best Knockoff Irons thread might be in order.. Did you ever have a set of Knockoffs you liked so much that it was hard justifying new HIgher end stuff?

Tour model ii golf clubs loft

Tour model ii golf clubs loft

For example, if you have an 8 iron and it covers yards for you, then a 7 iron will cover roughly yards. Why is llft on that site buying new clubs all the time and switching brands? United States. Sign In Sign Up. I would ask the mods to remove this thread as the production of knock-offs is illegal. But experimentation is the key here. Golf can be complicated for beginners.

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So is there a brand that made my irons? I'll put in a Tour model ii golf clubs loft commercial for here. RangeGolfer 38 years old. Game Improvement Golf Clubs 5. Awards, Achievements, and Accolades. The clubhead is made in a similar fashion lft metal tolf in order to achieve a larger head size normally seen only in all-titanium irons. View all. Was this review helpful to you? Go To Topic Listing. He said the biggest difference comes from making the misfits more manageable and not as penalizing.

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Recent Discussions Advanced Search. Discussion Best Knock off ever. What to search discussions comments questions answers polls groups. Ok the ugliest Iron thread made me think that maybe a best Knockoff Irons thread might be in order.. Did you ever have a set of Knockoffs you liked so much that it was hard justifying new HIgher end stuff? And I'm not talking about component stuff that is unique I'm talking true Knockoffs. Still have them in the garage in fact.

Posted: Aug 8, Comments I had the King Snake which was a King Cobra knockoff years ago. Supposedly they were the same club head but sold "out the backdoor" of the foundry in China. Played them for a while until got a set of King Cobras at auction of a golf store closing. Had at least 1 and as many as 3 in my bag from - until May of this year. I would ask the mods to remove this thread as the production of knock-offs is illegal. This discussion has no place on this board.

I had a set of knock of Ping eye 2's that I played for 5 or 6 years until the shafts started to buckle above the hosel. I think they tried to replicate the eye 2 grooves as well; these would shred balls all the way up to the 6 iron. When I went after an iron shot you could hear the sizzle of the ball shavings through the air as the ball took off. Fun stuff. I too played Ping Eye 2 knockoffs. I think they were called "Tour Model 2"s or something like that.

They were built for me by a guy at a local driving range and felt just as good as the real thing to me. They also made woods that looked performed like the old TM burner series of FW woods and drivers flex twist shafts and all. In the 90s I played the Tommy Armour knockoffs. They were Accu Trac XL s. Nice clubs. I thought they hit as good as the s.

Bought them at a reputable golf store. Those clubs were really pushed by sales people back then. I quite enjoyed my Pinemeadow BK irons R7 knock offs. Only used them for a few rounds before I picked up my S9's. But, they played longer than anything that I had ever hit before. Now I need to figure out how to get rid of them. The SRV was low spin before low spin became the trend 8 years ago.

I would nominate most Cameron putters as the best knock offs ever made. Posted: Aug 9, Great clubs. They were every bit as good as the Callaways. I don't know if this qualifies as a knockoff, but when Ping TiSi's were the hot driver, I demoed an Integra driver that was very similar in size and shape of TiSi. Titleist D2 I had a set of Tour Model 2's made in the Beryillium heads.

Loved Em!!! Saved up to get some real Ping eye 2's, played them for 2 weeks and went back to the Tour Model 2's. I played them again till I got the Top Flite tours when they first came out and sold the TM 2's wish I never got rid of them, they felt great!! Would have made a great back up set. I have had a pinemeadow excel 3 wood for 4 years. One of my favorite clubs to hit. Played a King Snake 3w and Super Concord 9w for years, loved them both. Actually just gave them away this year and he loves them too!

It's been about twenty years, but I started out playing with a set of Magique irons. Don't remember the model name, but they were very similar to Ping. Just took a quick peak and saw that they're still around They looked exactly like Karsten 1s: Never hit or owned one. Posted: Aug 10, King Snakes - I had a set of those as a kid. Nice clubs for the price. I thought they had cool grips too? Black with white vertical stripes? Great starter set. There was a Taiwanese company that made a knock off of the original Big Bertha driver that was really good.

Can't remember their name now anybody? Their clubs were sold at all of the major sporting goods stores at the time.


Excellent value. Dynamic Gold shafts, regular flex and green victory grips. Couldn't get a picture, but caught a possum taking a bath in a puddle off the 14th tee box today. By Buckeyebowman , July 29 in Golf Talk. I also have what looks like a Merrill Lynch putter?

Tour model ii golf clubs loft

Tour model ii golf clubs loft

Tour model ii golf clubs loft

Tour model ii golf clubs loft

Tour model ii golf clubs loft

Tour model ii golf clubs loft. Looking for more?


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Golf can be complicated for beginners. A good months can take for a person to get a good grasp of the basics. But nevertheless, golf has its own magic. A golf club is one of the most essential parts of golf , if not the most essential. This brings us to different types of golf clubs that you need to know about. When you know what each of these clubs can do, their features, advantages and limitations, you can then go on to buy for yourself.

If you are a beginner, this one is very important for you. So we recommend have a peep and continue further. The Golf club is a club in golf which is used to hit the ball. There are 6 types of golf clubs. What are golf club numbers? You will see numbers associated with each golf club. These numbers represent the loft angle in clubs.

Here is a list of club numbers you will be seeing your entire life:. Drivers are well known as woods. If you go through the history of golf, you will find that golf clubs were made of wood. Persimmon or hickory wood was used mainly. But modern golf clubs have little to do with woods. Keeping in touch with history drivers are still known as woods.

The modern drivers are made from anything ranging from steel, titanium, etc. So what actually is the driver? It has the lowest loft among all other golf clubs, and because of this, it has a specific characteristic and use.

The loft angle can range from as low as 7 degrees to 11 degrees. This depends on the amount of height you want your ball to reach. If you are a beginner, always use the cc driver. This will help you minimize your missing off-center shots. Skilled and experienced players tend to use a driver with a lower cc like cc or less.

With a lower cc driver, you can get better workability and shot range. If you believe you have the skills, then give it a go. Drivers are always for shot-making inside the tee box. Because of the long length it has, balls hit with the driver will cover a lot of distance. To precisely say, use it to hit the ball furthest. And when you are in the tee box, you want this specific feature as an advantage.

So for a shot on Par 4 or Par from the tee box, drivers are best. Many players even use iron golf clubs for the tee shot. For beginners, it is highly recommended to use the driver in the tee box. The fairway wood also falls in the wood category. These are familiar names in golf. Fairway wood club essentially means 3, 5 and 7 wood club and also has other loft ranges in its category. Like the drivers, fairway wood shafts are made of graphite. You can also see some players using steel shaft fairwood.

Fairwoods look very similar to the driver, but their clubheads are slightly smaller. One distinct feature of the fairwood clubhead is the flat face and bulbous shape. So, every time you make a shot with it, the clubhead slides over the grass.

Before buying your first golf club , observe the club pictures and get a feel of the way different golf clubs look. The lofts of these clubs range from degrees. This means the shot you make with it will be higher and softer than other clubs. Additionally, you have better control of the ball so you can shape shots easily.

You may have heard of utility clubs as well. Hybrid clubs and utility clubs are terms used interchangeably. You can call by any one of the terms and golf enthusiasts will know what you are talking about. The distinctive feature of the hybrid club is it has both the combination of wood and an iron golf club. The technical innovation implemented in these clubs provides a number of rare benefits which other clubs fail to offer.

These are:. Hybrids have added so much advantage that you can replace many of the iron clubs in your golf bag. If you have 2, 3, 4 or 5 iron clubs, you can replace all of these with a hybrid golf club. Hybrid golf clubs are most commonly known as the club for recreational golfers.

With a hybrid club, you get a clubhead of a larger surface area. If you are looking for less drift on your golf balls, these clubs should be just about perfect. You can also tighten up your swing with the hybrid golf club. So, golfing in bunkers and forest like places becomes easier.

So, the final verdict is to get a hybrid golf club, it will upgrade your gameplay to a new level. Its numbering is based on the iron club it replaces. So, if you buy a hybrid club that replaces 4 iron, it will be called 4 hybrid.

One of the highly used clubs in the golf arena is the iron golf club. This is because with an iron you can basically hit from any hole or any short or mid-range shots. Many players even have a go for long shots from the tee box with an iron. As the name suggests, clubheads of iron clubs are made of metal.

In irons, there are deeper grooves in its club heads which runs from toe to the heel. You may have heard or seen that iron clubs generate extra spin on the ball, this is mainly because of these grooves. So, when you can make a spin on the ball, controlling the shot becomes easy. The iron club heads are thinner than other clubs like hybrids and woods. This simply means you get better accuracy with irons. Close shots need higher accuracy and using the iron in such shots will in most case provide positive results.

Both these irons have their unique pros and cons. The cavity back has a hollow part in its rear clubhead. This unique technical feature creates a low center of mass and high trajectory.

So when very skilled golfers can use them to bend shots around obstacles. You can generally buy iron clubs in a set of of individual irons.

In a typical iron set, you get:. You might get confused when you read the specification on an iron club set. But here is an easy way to know what you are getting in that set.

When you see 3-PW written on the set, then it essentially means you would get from 3 iron to 9 iron along with a pitching wedge. So same goes for 4-PW which means all clubs from 4 iron all included. Wedges can simply change the outcome of the game because of its specific use and characteristics. These clubs are very identical to irons because of their look and build.

Wedges can be distinguished from the irons by their lofts. These clubs have higher loft degrees ranging from 46 to 64 degrees. When your ball lands on a sand or turf surface, wedges come into play. This is an angle created between the edge and sole of the club face. So, a higher bounce means the club will bounce off the ground easily. So when you hit your shot from a sand surface your club will not be stuck in the ground. This allows chipping shots in the air, rather than covering distances.

The gap wedge generally is used for a longer distance shot than the sand wedge. Awkward distances which cannot be covered by sand or pitching wedge can be easily covered by a gap wedge. Usually, it can help cover a distance of roughly yards.

A sand wedge is the most commonly used wedge. The main advantage of this wedge is that it helps to chip the ball up in the air. So, your sand bunker shots become easier with this.

Tour model ii golf clubs loft

Tour model ii golf clubs loft