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City of Heroes apparently has quite the LGBT lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community, who recently decided to throw themselves a good old-fashioned gay prom. About players showed up for the Rainbow Prom, which one attendee described as "a Gay Pride celebration online, even more than just a prom. It was really special. Drag queen, that is. According to Gay.

City of heroes gay

City of heroes gay

City of heroes gay

City of heroes gay

Surgeon Simulator dev launching three free prototypes, wants to know which to make next. I checked with my fellow members of the CoH Pride facebook group and was given the go ahead to organize around od principals of the Pride global channel in CoH. Max Or, Regis' partner, is a woman eventually revealed Hellboy gay fanfic be transgender. Secret Laboratory. That looks awesome TitanCity! My personal intentions are to be a rather active in the community, but I make NO requirement on the rest of my members. My expectation is that they will work fairly similar to coalitions in CoH with formal communication benefits and options for more. What we know about City of heroes gay so far. Also gsy some fans got to spend time with the costume creator outside NYCC and one of them wrote up the experience.

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It didn't simply let you play as a superhero.

  • Be proud of the Flag that you wear.
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Hundreds of super-powered lesbians and gays let their magical hair down at a new LGBT prom recently. They danced, flirted, elected a prom king and drag queen, played outdoors in their underwear at a mountain ski resort, and levitated with robotic boots and angels' wings until they crashed the server. Yes, they were in a virtual online world called "City of Heroes. Queer gamers have been making strides toward virtual equality for a while now. They've won the right to marry in "The Sims," "Fable" and "Fallout 2.

Makers of the new online "Lord of the Rings," on the other hand, have scrapped the option of marriage altogether -- for straight as well as gay hobbits -- rather than face the issue of same-sex nuptials, not to mention interspecies wizard-elf unions. Gamers were invited to finally enjoy the high school dance many missed when they were At least 'toons showed up, organizers reported, and partied so hard they actually forced NCsoft to reboot the computer generating their virtual world -- several times.

Read the full article on Gay. That's wonderful that City of Heroes actually listed this news event. It's good to see big companies with a more enlightened view of humanity. Sounds like it was a lot of fun. Shame I play the EU servers. I don't have anything against gay gamers or Christian gamers or athiest gamers or democratic gamers or republican gamers or most other type of [fill in name of real life group] gamers except hate groups.

None of these people ever wronged me except the hate groups , so live and let live. These are fantasy games and I play them in part to get away from real life, including these and all other similar issues. For that reason, my preference would be for game companies not to support this or any other real life cause or agenda in the game. That is not limited to gay gamers, by any means. It extends to anything not expressly within the storyline and lore of that game.

This is a pretty cool idea. My hat's off to CoX. Someone get thier politics out of my game! This was a great event right up until someone decided to make it poltical on the web, now I'm worried about what other poltical crud I might have to deal with in a non-real world as well as the real one.

I do not see it as politics more of a lets get the word out that there are groups like this in MMO games. I know for my self before I had herd about the community within COX I really did feel that I was the only one, Now logicly i knew this to be not possible but it sure did feel that way.

Now the whole WOW thing that was mention in the story, did turn into a political thing cuz of what was happening to the group, and that in itself is a totally different thing.

There's a light at the end of every tunnel, just pray it's not a train. Final Fantasy 7. That's awesome! This kind of thing is important because gay kids, in particular, take it on the chin psychologically more often than not in gaming. As a woman, I'm sometimes made to feel uncomfortable in game when sexist language is used, but how many times do you hear someone called a fag in a derogatory way, or when something is patently unacceptable you hear "that's so gay!

It's political in the same way that it was political to take down the "no blacks and jews" signs from US restaurants in the 50's and 60's, folks. If you don't want politics in your games, don't play online. Every community has politics that are an extension of society.

This event was a positive reaction of a community to the fact that on a daily basis, they are bashed. When will they have a all black , white, bisexual, all redneck, all raciest, all illegal etc, etc, blah blah blah.

I really don't have a problem with this at all, but I am a little curious. I'm a 36 year old white father of four, and I'm hetrosexual. In nearly three years of playing CoH, I have never once felt the need to share any of this in game with my fellow players. What is so different about being gay that these people need to display this part of their personal lives with the rest of the gaming community in game?

This is just a personal observation and not meant in any way to be mean spirited p. The funny thing is that most of us really couldn't care less what other people's sexual orientation is.

What I dislike is groups like this, as well as many others, will use any medium to get their agenda across. Frankly, in my op, its impossible to find a more confused person than 1 who is gay. Im in a game to be immersed, have fun, be a superhero, not to be hit on by some flaming flamboyant super queer lol.

No one wants to know your LGBT nor do they really care. To me this so called prom is there way of proving or justifying their presense like they have something they feel they have to prove. To me its a blatant form of forcing their views on us. Also Im personally sickened by the Political correctness of most people. You cant take it too bad, grow a backbone. It just silly these days in games everyone wants to bring their Real Life issues into games, Id like for one day to be able to play and not have to have some sue or sally or shaun to talk about innate BS that has nothing to do about the game.

We can debate about this til our eyelids fall off, but it wont clear the issue of who is right and who is wrong, I just feel keep your real Life issues out the game or at least keep it seperated from the rest of the normal population of the game. I really do not think that people were forcing anyone to read about or go to the prom. If you do not want to know about such things do not read about it.

Simple as that. I mean that is why people join guilds in the first place, to find people who have the same interests as you and play the game with these people.

Now I am the first to admit that gay comunity can go a little too far in some respects, but I think it is the same with any group. The reason this story is makeing the round is simply for the fact that something like this has not happend like this in a MMO on this large of a scale at least.

They have the right to go into this game out or not and not have to see people useing words like "Fag" just as much as a black teen has the right not to see the N word. I'd be gay if it got me more chicks. Seriously though, why is there even an article about this? Let's stop breaking our arms patting ourselves on the back about how 'enlightened' we are by bringing so much attention to a party just because it's gay people.

It's kinda transparent to me. We wouldn't pat ourselves on the back for being understanding about hetrosexuals, so why do it for gay people? This just illustrates how much people want attention for being 'different' and makes me question the real reason they decided to be different to begin with. People are so transparent, it's embarassing. I think if I were really gay, it would bother me that this got any attention at all, not to mention all the phonies just looking for attention.

A troll fire! Quick, pour some Kool-Aid on it!!! What most people are missing is that this event was a month ago and was very low-key. It was announced on the Player Events forum and received almost no notice at all from the detractors. So it wasn't a "Look At Me" type of thing. The event came and went without incident. It took place in the Pocket D instance, which is designed for such thing and anyone was welcome, I was there and it was no different than any other player event.

Hell, I even won in the Costume Contest. Somehow Gay. Its a fallacy that people want to play solo all the time. Im cool with them having a gay prom, as long as they do straight superhero proms too. It might get some more females playing. Anything to build better gaming communities on CoX. They were saying something about "We are looking to fill some holes in our group pun intended im sure , so if you are beefy and interested pst. It shouldnt surprise anyone, comics and superheroes have always had a not so subtle gay undertone.

The costumes, the emphasis on physique, you name it. Im a fan of both things and have just had to over look those things and enjoy the game for what it is. Freakin cool! When, exactly, did heterosexuals become an under-represented minority? I'm curious because comments like this throughout the thread seem to say that hets are threatened and oppressed. This is the first I've heard about it.

I find it no end fascinating, and ironic, that some posters had to point out they were straight guys and didn't make a big deal about it in game, so why should LGBT players get 'special treatment'.

I don't make a big deal that I'm female IRL, nor do I feel that it entitles me to some sort of special treatment by Cryptic. Point is, the folks who organized the Rainbow Prom didn't, either.

There was no entitlement thing going on, no one sending emails to the community managers demanding they be recognized. It was like any other player-organized event, like the old Tanker Tuesdays on Test, or the Taxi-Bot SGs on the servers, or an SG organizing a party to recognize their recently dinged 50s. Don't like it? Don't participate and don't talk about it. It's as simple as that. Ignore it and let others who want to enjoy it enjoy it.

If you're feeling left out, organize your own little straight white male event on Test and have yourselves a party. No one is stopping you.

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City of heroes gay

City of heroes gay

City of heroes gay

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Enlarge this image. Share on Twitter Tweet. Share on Facebook. The fact that five members of the team are LGBTQ brought out the pride in the crowd lining the route.

Christina Chapman leads the Dykes on Bikes contingent in the ticker tape parade. Malalis, takes a break from her work day to give her two kids a chance to cheer for the champs.

A youngster holds up as sign speaking to the importance of determination and believing in yourself — along with the affirmation that love is love. Mayor Bill de Blasio, who invited the team to the Canyon of Heroes, goes along for the ride. One sign made reference to the lawsuit that 28 members of the team have filed against the US Soccer Federation seeking pay equity with male players.

Fans suggest that Megan Rapinoe has made an important political statement with her tough stance on a White House invitation. Whatever anyone — in Washington or elsewhere — says, this team represents the best of America and of its flag.

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Online game warns gay-lesbian guild - CNET

Become a Titan. Avatar Builder and your Second Chance! The original Lady of Ysgard. Of course! As I mentioned waaay back, the thread title is a legacy from pre-beta CoH and we welcome anyone that would have joined the Pride global channel in CoH.

Welcome aboard Voldine! I DO apologize for any confusion. Legacy is a fairly strong theme for this thread and I had a personal attachment to my 1st SG. Plus we get the benefit of stating we were here before, we are here now, and we will be here in the future. Being transgender is the only reason I never spoke during any of the closed beta TeamSpeak or ventrillo sessions back in CoH Good to know. Even better to know I won't have to be afraid. Well we certainly don't want anyone to be afraid.

No actual ideas on vent or TS just yet, but if they happen I imagine we will have a rich tapestry of sounds. I myself veer into several voices as the comedic urge strikes. Eventually as the gaming progresses, the ability to convey information will be the most important. I will stand up for you, fight with you, and buff you in all ways possible as we play together, Voldine. You may have to correct me on your pronouns once or twice I will do my level best to remember your correct pronouns.

But don't feel you should need to silence yourself. It's that time again! Time to say we are still accepting applications for those that want in. If you haven't noticed yet, there's another update on the costume creator progress posted. So go check that out and then come back here and tell us you want to join our network.

Greeting everyone! I miss the comradery that I had in COH. No other game has every come close to how it made me feel. Every now and then I just onto this site to check out the new info on COH. I eagerly await it hoping to be able to find some gaming buddies like I've had in the past. I just happened to browse the topics and came across this thread and wanted to see if I could get in on this SG?

Any room for a friendly cub? We always have room! Welcome aboard MrNate It's not required by any means but it sounds like it may also be a good fit.

Alright, as I write this it's election night in the USA. And even though it's not the best idea to talk politics in these forums, what I CAN say is that you can still elect to join our group. Maybe wait until after you vote. It's important! Enjoy the night then look forward to enjoying CoT. So we've just gotten another awesome costume update and it seems like a good time to step back into the spotlight for ourselves. We welcome all that are inclined to join and we aren't shy about answering questions either.

Give yourself a chance to see what we can offer and offer yourself a chance to see how far you can go! Happy 4th of July to all! Now it's been over 2 months since this thread had a post, but it has been checked at least once a day, often more.

We are always ready to welcome those who wish to join! Hello again all! For longer than this thread has been around I have been subjecting my coworkers to pirate themed DVDs in the breakroom. And now for some game information. Teams will be known as Groups. Super Groups will be known as Super Teams.

Coalitions will be known as Leagues. For now, these terms And how they interact in the PvP phase are all we know. But I have submitted further questions in the current official question thread. Researching things like this seems to be one of my strengths, but everyone has something worthwhile to offer. Join us and let us help you discover YOUR strengths. Foradain, Mage of Phoenix Rising. Avatar courtesy of Satellite9.

Impulse King wrote: Hello again all! There was a Coalition channel in your chat tab as default and by using it you would be addressing your own SG and all of your Coalitioned SGs. Depending on how permissions were set, Coalies could access your SG base and maybe even use some equipment. I don't know if CoH ever planned to do more with Coalitions, but well known issues with the undocumented code on SG bases could well have prevented that. Poor use of them could have "half conversations" annoying folks as an SG you were Coalitioned with conversed with one you were not Coalitioned with.

But GOOD use could result in large groups having fun together on a large scale. Heck it was mentioned in this very thread years ago! When I got it wrong. Also worth mentioning again is my expectation this thread may spawn more than 1 Super Team and my hope they may all choose to join in a League together. Tomorrow there is a significant update for the CoT website which will include some powerset info!

Hello again everyone! Seems hard to believe this thread has been here for over 4 years now. We have all been patient as the Devs have been working on their labor of love. But now we are seeing updates a bit more frequently and perhaps in a few months talk of beta will happen. And beta will bring with it a surge of activity and interest and more or less a new "phase" for Super Teams and Leagues. And a League is what I am anticipating from this thread after the game launches.

There are many reasons for this with playstyles, playtimes, and personalities leading the list. This is okay. We have anticipated this in part because it happened to P. There are 2 anticipated tools that will help take the sting out of division by Super Team. The first is obviously Leagues. Leagues are essentially alliances between Super Teams.

My expectation is that they will work fairly similar to coalitions in CoH with formal communication benefits and options for more. But in fairness all that is currently "known" is the name League and how it affects who you can target in PvP. For the second tool I'm taking a slightly bigger leap of faith and assuming there will be something akin to global channels.

Global channels were account based, as opposed to character based, communication. And again in fairness I haven't seen a mention of this as yet by the devs. If those come along as I expect then that should be more than enough for our experienced players to help new folks get the most out of City of Titans when it goes live. Before that of course will be beta.

In beta we shouldn't need to many Super Teams in my opinion, but it largely depends on people and what needs testing. So in broad strokes those are the plans for the group s next year. Here on the forums my intention is to continue keeping pace with the activity levels I see. In addition I will be more active as more becomes known about Super Teams, Leagues, and advertising as those topics tend to be my personal stronger areas. So recently we got a few details on the tri axis alignment system that CoT will use in the "Gray Guilds?

In brief this system will not tell you if you are considered a hero or a villain. Instead it's purpose is to determine which branches of the Path system unfold for you. Players, at present, will not see the alignment of themselves or other players.

This is different from reputation with various other groups in CoT. Another interesting note is this alignment system is technically optional as you might choose to level yourself throughout the entire game via street sweeping, PvP, or user generated content. There were several posters that had hoped to use the alignment system to create "hero only" groups for example. But MWM is not serving up a simple tool for that. I am entirely OK with that. That said, we are also a League and individual Super Teams within it can have whatever extra themes they wish, within the rules and TOS.

City of heroes gay