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Amateur radio , also called ham radio , noncommercial two-way radio communications. Messages are sent either by voice or in International Morse Code. Interest in amateur radio arose around the turn of the 20th century, shortly after Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi successfully sent the first transatlantic wireless signal in The interference of amateur broadcasts with commercial and military transmissions led to the institution of government control in After World War I , amateurs became active in radio experimentation, contributing to developments in long-distance broadcasting and becoming the first radio operators successfully to exploit the upper medium-frequency and lower high-frequency radio bands.

Amature forestry experiment

Sign up here to see what happened On This Dayevery day in your inbox! Expreiment amateurs Pentasa vaginal bleeding help newcomers are often referred to as "Elmers", as coined by Rodney Newkirk, W9BRD, [32] within the ham community. I have a fairly good handle on RF electronics, so when I decided I wanted to try HAM radio, I studied for a few weeks waiting for a test day, then Amature forestry experiment and took all 3 tests the same day, and passed them. People I know have. This Amature forestry experiment amateur radio operators to experiment with home-constructed or fofestry equipment. They covers may subject areas. I finally got my Extra class license when the code requirement was dropped, not because I wanted to join a 20M forewtry 40M ragchew, but to give me the extra frequencies if I needed them. I will use county hunting jargon the confirm my county for you, but we have to be able to communicate directly, none of that relay silliness.

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We are go for our next HAB launch.

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We are go for our next HAB launch. Previous launches included an APRS transmitter and standard transmitter that transmitted on the standard Transmitter Hunt Frequency This is a great opportunity to put Ham Radio skills to a fun use. We have also scheduled two pre-launch meetings. Please plan on attending one or both of these meetings:. Saturday, October 19th and November 2nd. This year we are running an afterschool program at La Paz Intermediate School to help students design and build experiments.

Several teachers have already expressed interest in having their classes participate. He upgraded to WD6E extra in and has been working in the wireless high-tech industry for over 30 years and has earned 15 issued patents. He will end the talk in an area of personal interest: millimeter wave radio astronomy. SOARA is in the process of compiling the application to change our non-profit tax status from c 7 to c 3 , which would make all donations to the Club tax deductible if approved.

The I. Please review the change as approved by our Board of Directors. Within the next few days you will receive an e-mail ballot. The Board recommends that you vote for Approval so we may move forward with the application process. Current Wording: X. In the event that SOARA members and officers approve dissolution of the club, All Club property, including repeaters, radios, antennas, etc. New Wording Approved by Board: X. In the event that SOARA members and officer approve dissolution of the Club, all Club assets shall be distributed to one or more amateur radio organizations that qualify under I.

Section c 3 , or corresponding section of any future tax code, at the time of distribution. The specific organization s selected to receive the assets shall be determined by a majority vote of the Board at the time of dissolution. Any such assets not so disposed of shall be disposed by a Court of.

Competent Jurisdiction of the county in which the principal office of SOARA is then located, exclusively for such purposes or to such organization or organizations, as said Court shall determine, which are organized and operated exclusively for such purposes.

With proposed wording the Board could approve donating cash assets to the ARRL, and equipment to a local amateur radio club that qualifies. Please join us at the Norman P. Would you like to find a quick and easy solution so you can have more time to operate and enjoy ham radio rather than troubleshooting RFI issues? Do you want to reduce your receiver noise floor so you can hear local contacts and more DX?

If you answered YES to either of these questions, then you should attend this presentation where you will learn how to make ham radio more enjoyable by eliminating problems caused by RFI. He is active on 3. Ham Radio Examinations will be administered at PM, prior to the start of our general meeting. The mini-seminars are held informally and you can rotate from seminar to seminar. This event is open to the public and there is no cost to attend. Bring your pet Tech projects for show and tell sharing with fellow members.

This has proven to be fun and well received in previous years. Learn the earthquake hazards of Orange County. Speakers will inform you of the many programs within Laguna Woods to help and protect you in case of a disaster. Contact Grace Stencel, or email amazngra at aol dot com. Complicated and tension-filled negotiations between the United States and the Soviet Union finally result in a plan to end the two-week-old Cuban Missile Crisis.

A frightening period in which nuclear holocaust seemed imminent began to come to an end. Since President John F. Please plan on attending one or both of these meetings: Saturday, October 19th and November 2nd. A c 3 non-profit on a mission to support STEM education www. Search for:. Orange County Weather Alerts. ARRL News. Today in History. The United States and Soviet Union step back from brink of nuclear war. Amateur Radio Contests. QCX Challenge.

Phone Fray. NCCC Sprint. ARRL Newsline. AR Newsline. Weekly Newsline Reports. HAM Nation Podcasts. HN Pacificon Ham Talk Live! Episode - Augmented Reality in Contesting. Amateur Logic Podcasts. Ham College episode AmateurLogic Christmas

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Amature forestry experiment

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SOARA – South Orange Amateur Radio Association

My amateur radio journey began back in the mids. I was about 12 at the time, with an interest in electronics that baffled my parents.

With little to guide me and fear for my life as I routinely explored the innards of the TVs and radios in the house, they turned to the kindly older gentleman across the street from us, Mr. My ham ambitions remained well below the surface as life happened over the next 40 or so years. But as my circumstances changed, the idea of working the airwaves resurfaced, and in I finally took the plunge and earned my General class license.

Oh, sure, I bought a couple of Baofeng and Wouxun handy-talkies and lurked on the local repeaters. More so than the average Joe who comes in off the street to sit for a license test and there are far more of those folks than you might think , I have a pretty good grasp of the theory and practice of RF communications. Why am I not active on the HF bands and checking in on the local repeaters? Part of this is due to listening to public service radio all my life.

My dad was a cop, and hearing dispatches on the radio in his cruiser was the soundtrack of my life from the day I was born. I even worked the other side of the mic as a dispatcher for multiple agencies. So I developed a strong preference in radio style — brief, clipped messages that minimize time on the air while maximizing information content. I could overlook the content choice if someone, somewhere would just unkey the mic once in while and take a breath.

The ham bands are for conversation more than anything else, at least from the sound of it. Or perhaps the digital modes would suit me better — being able to type brief, content-rich messages and make contacts without any of that pesky talking sounds pretty keen to me.

So, active hams, what part of the craft to you find engaging? In the event if hamfests are rare in your area, one can see the same thing by attending any other swap meet, flea market or auction. Wow, talk about mediocre people, now not even with a high school degree, almost all morbidly obese.

What does that say, where have all the smart people gone long time passing.. Try DXing or FT8 mode. DXers and those who use FT8 exchange reports and that is about all. Just exchange reports! I am exclusively CW preferring to talk with my fist. Nice things about Morse is not many can copy it and contacts QSOs are abbreviated getting down to greetings, signal reports and some chatting.

Oh yes, seems they all have to give a local weather report. Important trivia to remember is it the original txt messiging e. Keep those in mind, Dan. In the end he did not like it so he has not persue it. To suggest that the hobby is silly is just plain stupidity. Years ago I though owing and shooting a handgun might be interesting. Today I have no problem with handgun owners and their hobby, it is just not for me. Simple Ehhh? To me it is simple to write a comment on a hobby board saying how much you dislike the hobby the residents of that board seem to like.

Simple Ehhhh? Unfortunately hams who are curmudgeons where some of the first to make use of the internet when it became widely available to the general public.

I have for a long time advised against giving young men phones. And if you ARE there then stop yourself the next time you reach for a mic. As an old amateur with the Advance License I feel quite the opposite.

It was obvious to me before it came to be this would be the ruin of a great hobby. Now every buys a radio from Japan, no one knows a damned thing about electronics. All sound just like Smokey and the Idiot. No code bad, bad idea. She saw my old Icom radio I brought there at the request of the tech at tech school I was doing a job for.

We used the local two meter repeater during the day when we were seperated just to play radio. This bar tender saw my radio in my jacket pocket. Asked is that a HAM radio.

Her next question gave it away but it got worse. I asked what do you mean, leading her on. That was it for me. I never go to two meter any more. There is nothing there any more. My advanced license proves I took it at the FCC office, and used code. Therefore I will never go for the Extra Class now. Too much pride in my ability to prove I have the knowledge not just the cheated for license. We are dumming down everything.

This is just one of my favorite rants. Amateur Radio as it was meant to be is dead! Not CB just using hf in that world wide capability. He and I fought this idea tooth and nail and we lost. Everything we said bad that would happen, DID and much worse than we suspected. Everything you say is so true. I am proud of passing all my license test and code test. Much uo many unqualified hams out there..

Sad to say that the ARRL encouraged the expansion of hams and their membership with disregard of the consequences. Ham radio is far from dead, just wounded. And do you hate your father too? Blown chance of being a good Elmer. You blew it…. I grew up in electronics world. My father tried to get me into ham, even buying a Morse code study book and key. I played with it briefly, but really had no interest. So getting my license was forgotten. I loved electronics and have used my skills in many fields.

I always wanted the badge of having a ham license, but the code was the obstacle. Years later, I heard the FCC relaxed the rules, and the code was one of those affected. I immediately studied and passed my Tech Class.

I love a lot of aspects about ham, especially building your own antennas and even radios. I really like the fact that there is a respect and appreciation for tolerances and specs. Not blowing pills and finals all the time cause they are being overdriven.

I even now am starting to appreciate what code can do, and am seriously thinking about learning it, cause I want to. I think there is good and bad to relaxing the requirements for testing. Regardless, the worst problem is transmitters with NO license. I think ham radio was dieing before they relaxed the requirements, and it was necessary. I understand ham radio is changing, our world is changing far beyond what I ever imagined, and not for the good.

But ham is a great hobby still, and for the crochety older Advanced Classes, this new wave of membership just gives you a good opportunity to share all you have learned over the years. Anyone who studied for, took, and passed the exams, and was respectful of the principals outlined for AROs understands the beauty, ethics, and responsibilities of being a licensed ARO. To wit: Keeping an accurate log; acting as an ambassador to AROs around the world; using the RF medium to assist in emergencies; and helping others to understand and fulfill those same fundamental tenets.

Sadly, most, though certainly not all, of the social intercourse plied here seems devoid of any of those cherished fundamentals. Oh, well. But, encouragingly, there are still some who are true to the basic responsibilities that were taught to, and asked of, us on the exams. I, for one, am immensely proud to do so, just as I had tacitly agreed to by passing three levels of licensure. The more I think about it, it seems like many misconstrue licensure as registration.

The former has attendant responsibilities, mandates, and responsibilites, whereas the latter is a simplistic listing of participants without much, if any, ongoing requirements. And the people who give up on it are just as responsible for it being, dumbed down. Thank you for helping to screw it up. Are you kidding? CB radio was aimed at a different target market…. It annoys me to think radio is just for amateur clubs, that you think you are so special, CB is what it is……a frequency, the electromagnetic spectrum.

They want simple communication, and ham operators need to get off their high horse thinking you are better.

Amature forestry experiment

Amature forestry experiment

Amature forestry experiment