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She was the author of the nursery rhyme " Mary Had a Little Lamb ". Hale famously campaigned for the creation of the American holiday known as Thanksgiving , and for the completion of the Bunker Hill Monument. Her parents believed in equal education for both genders. As Sarah Buell grew up and became a local schoolteacher, in her father opened a tavern called The Rising Sun in Newport. Sarah met lawyer David Hale the same year.

Connecticut model sarah lam

Connecticut model sarah lam

Connecticut model sarah lam

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Connecticut model sarah lam

Connecticut model sarah lam

Connecticut model sarah lam

Connecticut model sarah lam

Connecticut model sarah lam

Connecticut model sarah lam. Credit Notes

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So sorry to hear the news. I had an early posting about your sister. And i see you posted yours. Prayers and more to you and your family. Toggle navigation. Details Model Mayhem :.

Sarah Josepha Hale - Wikipedia

Focus on the dog. It was an attention-getting story because of the delicious reek of hypocrisy. She begged the officers to treat the dog with care. It was a severe comedown. Their nickname for her was Sweet Pussy. But to former employees who used to call her Sarmama for turning the workplace into a surrogate family, and social-media followers who lusted after her vegan-deluxe life of tight dresses, biodynamic wines, TV appearances, and customers such as Tom Brady and Chelsea Clinton, the unanswered questions have been how Melngailis got involved with Strangis and why she stayed.

A source close to Melngailis describes a scenario in which Strangis resorted to cult-like techniques, including gaslighting, sleep deprivation, and sexual humiliation, to control her. Strangis, through his court-appointed attorney, Samuel Karliner, denied all these allegations but did not elaborate on his denials in responding to 80 questions from Vanity Fair. The arrest was a cold wake-up.

Melngailis first gained notice when she appeared with her boyfriend, the chef Matthew Kenney, on the cover of their cookbook, Raw Food, Real World: Recipes to Get the Glow , in The restaurant they founded, Pure Food and Wine, had opened a year earlier in the ground floor and vast back garden of a Gramercy Park town house on Irving Place. Inside, the bar scene hosted yoga-sleek patrons sipping signature cocktails, like the Master Cleanse Tini organic sake with lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper in a martini glass rimmed with crystal date sugar.

In the garden, lit by candle lights, the likes of Anne Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, and Rooney Mara could be seen gracefully masticating such offerings as cauliflower couscous with pickled Persian cucumbers and cultured tree-nut cheeses. On warm evenings, it felt as privileged a place to be as gated Gramercy Park itself. Melngailis, sometimes sitting at a corner table in the garden, more often playing the role of gracious host around the bar even though small talk exhausted her, was at the center of it all.

But on the cookbook cover, Melngailis, now blonde, did glow. After a personal and professional split with Kenney the same year the book came out—she claimed that the relationship drained her savings—Melngailis kept the restaurant, vowing that it would spearhead a raw-vegan movement.

She also opened three juice bars, called One Lucky Duck, and a brand of snacks sold in Whole Foods markets. But her blog revealed struggles. As a relationship with a man 13 years her junior was fraying in , Melngailis met Alec Baldwin, at her restaurant, and accompanied him to a staged reading of Moby Dick in the Hamptons.

He soon confided in late-night conversations how much he wanted a wife and children. Her advice to the actor was to get a dog. He resisted, but she became obsessed with the online photo of a red-nosed, brown pit bull named Quinn at a shelter in Brooklyn.

She adopted him. Heartbroken when the boyfriend left, she had her puppy, renaming him Leon. He used to make us laugh. Fox and Mr. On October 28, , Melngailis blew a Twitter kiss to Mr. If so, the ploy worked. But this? The couple was married for seven years, having one child. First he put it to my head. He put it in my mouth. He pushed me back in the chair. And he had the gun pointed at me. Anthony came running out. John pulled up this ottoman and we sat there three or four hours. He came back and ripped the phone out of the house.

As a kid, Strangis would live with both parents. His mother tried but failed to secure full custody rights. In , Strangis, then 23 he never graduated from college , was said to be living with his father in the Orange Acres trailer park, in Sarasota, Florida, when he met Stacy Avery, a young mother separated from her husband, at a gym.

She said that he came on so strong that she agreed to marry him in Las Vegas a few months after they met. She was taking birth control, she said, but Strangis pushed her to stop.

Who is they? She said that the two, who often quarreled, had been living rootlessly, traveling together from casino town to casino town. On July 6, , John Strangis Sr. She thought he would understand this to mean he should not ejaculate inside her, Candidus said. Instead, he did not pull out. Without conferring with him, Melngailis, angry, had an abortion on January 12, A city of New York marriage license was issued on December 5, Melngailis told almost no one about it.

According to a source close to Melngailis, Strangis began to speak of a secretive brother who was an expert in surveillance, violent, and connected to mysterious forces. She needed to e-mail Will her login passwords. At some point, Strangis had access to her e-mail, cell- phone, and bank accounts. He began to tell Melngailis that some of her family and employees were red shirts.

A source close to Melngailis said that Strangis told Melngailis that the money she was lending him and that he had still not paid back was one of a series of cosmic endurance tests similar to a series he had passed years earlier. Passing meant vast rewards. I could help whoever I want, and stay young forever doing it. Another test she allegedly had to pass was giving Strangis oral sex while blindfolded, which Strangis denies, even though, as he gained weight, she was becoming repulsed by him.

Unlike Melngailis, he was not a vegan. He apparently loved junk food—Subway tuna-salad sandwiches with extra mayo, for instance. A source close to Melngailis said that he told her that dealing with his obesity was a test, as was the humiliation, for her, of repeatedly asking strangers to invest in her struggling company. Another test involved his moving many of her possessions to a storage unit.

Meanwhile, he allegedly let her know that he and his nameless brother were constantly watching. Once, according to a source close to Melngailis, he phoned a raw-food restaurant in Los Angeles, where she was dining. She had not informed him where she was.

He told her that Leon had been his dog in a previous life. After Switzer was fired for unclear reasons , a younger employee was put in charge of accounting. The employee was not a trained accountant. He said he never saw Strangis make a deposit. Instead, he said, Strangis would head out to a waiting Uber. By the winter of , Pure Food and Wine employees had begun picketing after not receiving paychecks. Repice texted Strangis for answers. Where is the woman I knew the last nine years? She was yelling for his, still wanting to know when his alleged promises for financial and emotional deliverance would come true.

But in three calls he placed to me, he never answered any questions on the record, and very few off. And there are still so many questions: Was the money gambled away or stashed? What exactly was the couple running from? Karliner, the court-appointed lawyer, said Strangis is guilty only of liking gambling and having a rich wife in Melngailis, who indulged him and had her own expensive appetites. She was too savvy a businesswoman. He said that up to 25 percent of domestic-abuse cases involve patterns of psychological control without physical violence.

A coercive-control defense would indicate that Strangis had taken The Game to its extreme. The New York Post reported that the couple would be divorcing, which a source close to Melngailis confirmed. At a subsequent hearing, the judge announced that if no plea deals were reached a trial would start in early Melngailis, who could face up to 15 years in prison for grand larceny and fraud, said she is grateful that the madness is finally over.

By Emily Jane Fox. By Karen Valby. By Kevin Fitzpatrick. Read More. By Kenzie Bryant. By Erin Vanderhoof. By Eric Lutz. By Donald Liebenson.

Connecticut model sarah lam

Connecticut model sarah lam