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Disney cartoon nudes

Disney cartoon nudes

Disney cartoon nudes

Disney cartoon nudes

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  • Growing up a Disney Channel star definitely has its perks , but there are some aspects that can be annoying to deal with — one of them trying to get people to accept the fact that you're now an adult.
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Disney cartoon nudes

Disney cartoon nudes

Disney cartoon nudes

Disney cartoon nudes. Disney Porn Pictures


Disney sex cartoons: exclusive Disney porn and cartoon sex

What could be safer than a Disney cartoon? The Disney brand is all about fun for the whole family and the Mouse House works hard to maintain that image. But over the years, a few not-so-G-rated moments have popped up in the Disney shorts and movies.

Check out ten of the most censored moments from Disney classics. During the scene where Prince Eric nearly marries a magically disguised Ursula, the bishop officiating the ceremony appears to be a little too excited about the impending nuptials. Whether it was an innocent error or someone trying to slip a suggestive image into the film, Disney has since edited the scene to remove the bulge.

Contrary to popular belief, the artist who created the image was neither about to be fired nor trying to cause a problem for Disney. He claims not to have noticed the similarity until the offending image made national news. Later home video releases feature a revised castle on the cover without the suggestive tower.

The second controversial line is a bit more mysterious. Take off. While the alternate interpretation of the line probably says more about the people who heard it that way than anything else, Disney cut the dialogue from later releases. The scene in question comes just after Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa share their theories on what stars are.

Simba wanders off and flops down, sending a cloud of seeds and pollen up into the air. Whatever the intention, Disney altered the suspicious frame in later releases of the film. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? The reason? Viewers who paused the movie on Laserdisc remember those? One problem scene comes when Benny the Cab crashes and his two passengers, Eddie Valiant and Jessica Rabbit, are thrown out onto the street. Or they just forgot to animate it. Despite the many obvious sexual references made about the character in the film, this extremely brief possible nudity was deemed a step too far and was altered in later releases of the movie.

As Roger says, poor Jessica was just an innocent victim of circumstance. Though rumors that she had a line of dialogue still circulate, her role was silent.

Unfortunately, her design includes several features of stereotypical depictions of African-Americans from the era. By the s all scenes including Sunflower and a possible second Black centaurette who may just be Sunflower with a slightly different design were removed from the film.

Despite occasional rumors and rumblings that Disney is looking for a way to release it, Song of the South remains unavailable in the U. The depiction of smoking in older cartoons is an issue that has plagued Disney. Pinocchio has avoided edits, mostly because smoking is shown to be a horrible experience that will turn children into donkeys. To avoid the appearance of promoting smoking to children, Disney made cuts and digital alterations to the U.

DVD release. Even worse, a whole verse of the main song where Bill tames a tornado and lights his cigarette with a bolt of lightning is lost to history.

Most of the time, Disney can simply remove the offending scene with little or no effect on the narrative. Back in , Disney announced a recall of their home video release of The Rescuers. A photographic image of a topless woman that appears in two frames of the movie. This particular bit of self censorship was especially weird for a couple of reasons. One, the movie was 22 years old at the time, yet apparently no one had ever noticed the images before.

Perhaps they had become gun-shy from previous similar controversies and wanted to get out ahead of this one rather than waiting to see whether anyone noticed. Ironically, they likely drew more attention to the briefly visible moment by censoring it.

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Disney cartoon nudes

Disney cartoon nudes

Disney cartoon nudes