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Heh-mebbe they should start calling him Hairy Pooter! Yes, I agree that the whole thing is nonsense. Unfortunately, too many Americans have a totally bass-ackwards approach to nudity, the human body, and sex. Some people just live to complain, and be angry about things. I wouldn't take a child to see Equus, so the problem here escapes me.

Gay harry potter chest hair equus

Gay harry potter chest hair equus

Gay harry potter chest hair equus

Gay harry potter chest hair equus

Gay harry potter chest hair equus

Rupert Grint — or someone who looked exactly like him — was photographed smoking out of a bong, supposedly at a Harry Potter cast party. Daniel Radcliffe: "Well, I am Jewish. The woman, an aspiring dquus, started engaging in conversation with Radcliffe, smoking a cigarette beautifully and hanging on his every word. Archived from the original on 7 September Yandhi Archived from the original on 7 November Nurse zack pics

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She turned and looked out at the forest; the sun was just visible through the trees, and it reflected off of all the snow, making the forest brilliantly bright. Voldemort will win? Potter was moaning like a lovesick girl. I decided not to. Harmony snickered at that. He cleaned himself up and readjusted his clothes, and then sat staring out into the darkness. Was Hermione dreaming of Ron? This time Harry got to watch from the beginning; the circumstance had Hermione already aroused, but it was still from the first touch, the first gasp, that Harry saw. And Draco's jaw dropped. Gay pappa we could surprise the Weasleys with a trip out here.

Before Daniel Radcliffe became the most famous child actor in history, he was just a child: an only child, a poor sleeper, a nonstop talker, a picky eater.

  • Eighth Year.
  • The day Dino met her, he honestly never expected anything to happen.
  • Neither of them knew if they would ever see him again.

Rags-to-riches billionaire author J. Since the release of the first novel in the Harry Potter series in , Rowling and her corporate sidekicks Bloomsbury, Scholastic and Warner Bros. Army, adolescent girls and sweet old librarians — and Rowling herself was accused of stealing her entire storyline from a penniless writer who wrote an page book before he died.

In the meantime, the teenage stars of the Harry Potter films found time to do a little damage as well: They got high, lost their virginity to a cougar and flashed their undies to the world. One such letter was sent to year-old Claire Field, who ran the Harry Potter Guide harrypotterguide.

Warner Bros. Rowling and her U. Wal-Mart and other stores also began selling copies a week in advance. Preventive Maintenance Monthly , a year-old U. Army publication, printed a comic strip spoofing Harry Potter.

The issue featured a character named Topper, a fellow who resided at Mogmarts School, which was run by one Professor Rumbledore. They did. Rowling writes that a pop outfit called the Weird Sisters played a live set at a titular Hogwarts school dance.

They were later ordered to pay Warner Bros. Six weeks before the release of The Half-Blood Prince , Aaron Lambert, a security guard at a British book distribution center, stole two copies.

He tried to sell the novels to two British tabloids, the Sun and the Daily Mirror. During negotiations with the Sun reporter, who attempted to carry out a sting and flee with the book, Lambert took out a gun and fired it. After he was arrested and out on bail, he attempted to blackmail Bloomsbury by phone. Lambert was sentenced to four and a half years in prison.

A number of publications claimed the announcement was purely a publicity stunt and thousands of readers also expressed their distaste on fan blogs. Steven Vander Ark, a Michigan librarian and founder of the popular Harry Potter Lexicon , sought to publish a companion encyclopedia to Rowling's books. Rowling and Warner Bros. He lost the suit.

Emma Watson suffered two panty-baring incidents: The first was on her 18th birthday, when paparazzi caught her at a bad angle while exiting a cab. The second occurred on the red carpet before the film premiere of The Half-Blood Prince , when her kimono-style dress blew open in the rain. The estate of the late author Adrian Jacobs sued Rowling and Bloomsbury for millions, after accusing Rowling of cribbing The Goblet of Fire plot from Jacobs' page book, The Adventures of Willy the Wizard , which made references to wizard college and wizard chess.

Jacobs died flat broke, after he lost all his money in the stock market. The case was dismissed. Rupert Grint — or someone who looked exactly like him — was photographed smoking out of a bong, supposedly at a Harry Potter cast party. A love of weed may be a family affair for actors playing Weasleys; in , Bonnie Wright Ginny Weasley , was allegedly photographed rolling a joint.

Emma Watson told Seventeen magazine that for the first few films she harbored a hopeless crush on Tom Felton, who played the sniveling Gryffindor enemy Draco Malfoy. The world struggled to process the horror of this revelation leading up to the premiere of Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

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Draco clicked his tongue in frustration, putting down his book. If being with Harry meant having to endure insults from Draco, he wasn't about to risk his ego or his reputation. I could have sworn I had heard you fapping in your dungeon. Keep your wet dreams to yourself," Harry said, shuddering. Later that night Draco muttered profanities under his breath as he walked away. Where was the publicity and outrage?

Gay harry potter chest hair equus

Gay harry potter chest hair equus.

It was almost the color of a dark red, almost black color. Her skin was lightly tanned, though Dino noted a few scars that she didn't bother to hide. Like the ones that went down her back almost like she had been hit with some sort of sharp spikes from a tail.

Her eyes were a green he could only liken to fresh grass, and kind. But there was a sadness and wariness in them that made him want to know who had hurt her so badly that she had almost closed herself off to everyone save animals.

But it was her smile that did him in. He knew he would kill if it meant that smile was aimed at him It was a pure white stallion with almost an almost ethereal silver man and tail, and hooves that shone under the light. All it was lacking was the horn and he'd swear it was the perfect representation of an actual unicorn.

Harmony smiled at him and he almost had trouble breathing. How the hell was she doing this to him so easily? Reborn would be appalled. But only if you pass a small test of course. Quest is a very good judge of someone's true character, however I prefer to know that the people who will be buying from me actually know what they're talking about.

And he did. Horses had been something of a hobby of his He had a natural eye for horse flesh, one that Reborn had fine tuned one he realized Dino's ability to discern whether a horse would be worth the effort.

Ironically his love of horses made it a lot easier for him to rebuild his family fortunes and make a nice, clean profit that the cops couldn't investigate them for. That wasn't to say he didn't have a few criminal activities, but he made damn sure that any money laundering through specific stables was kept firmly in house. It was hard to dispute a large order of hay, after all. Small, steady doses were almost impossible to notice One is a specialty stock that you'd need certain clearance for, and even then I'm extremely picky on who is allowed to buy them.

The one I normally sell is the one that sticks closest to the main house, while the third and fourth herds stick closer to the forest which is unilaterally off limits to everyone.

Even I don't go in there without precautions. There is an unofficial fifth herd, but thankfully it's empty at the moment. Especially from the disreputable racing tracks. Needless to say they need a lot of specialized care, which is why they're the unofficial herd. I keep them separate until I'm certain they can be rehabilitated. I hate having to put them down," said Harmony scowling. His territory took up the majority of the legal horse racing tracks, and he made damn sure they were at least semi-reputable.

The owners all knew he had a zero tolerance policy for abuse or neglect of the animals and if he heard even a whisper of it happening he would investigate. He wasn't above shutting a track down until he knew the animals and to a lesser extent the racers were in acceptable condition. That usually coincided with an abrupt "change in ownership" that generally went hand in hand with someone being iced as a warning to the others.

Dino lightly bopped the horse before he brought out something far more interesting for the stallion to chomp on. Quest accepted the bribe of the green apple eagerly and lost interest in Dino's hair, to his relief. And if he happened to schedule his purchases so that he could meet her personally , well he doubted anyone would comment. At least he hoped they wouldn't. Romario watched his young boss with a slight smile on his face. Dino had perked up considerably since he met the owner of the most reputable and sought after horses in the business.

The Marauder's Ranch was almost impossible to get in, but if you earned the favor of the owner then all the animals you bought from them were hard working, well loved, and were the best behaved. She never sent out a sick animal, and if you had to let the horse go she would buy them back for a decent price. She also took in abused horses, and rehabilitated them to the point that they rarely had issues with humans. The only issue he could see was that she was a civilian and they had absolutely nothing on her background save for when she first opened the ranch.

For now he'd keep his silence and hopefully encourage his boss to go for it. He hadn't seen Dino this happy since before Reborn showed up and he was still several people away from being stuck as Decimo. Harmony was a little baffled as to why Dino had come back. He claimed he was planning to buy a few more horses from her and had already picked up the ones he paid for a week ago personally but somehow she had the feeling that wasn't what he was really doing.

And then Firenze clued her in when she made a comment about it. The centaur herd had been rather agreeable when she told them what she was asking of them and why. Once they realized she only wanted them to act as the 'guardians' of the unicorn, pegasus and rarely the "unofficial" fifth herd which consisted of horses that needed time away from humans, they were quite happy to leave the Forbidden Forest behind.

Mostly because she made it very, very clear to the head centaurs that she would leave the entirety of the forest to the centaur herds, and focus more on the main areas of the ranch.

Anyone stupid enough to go in without their prior permission was not her problem and she made it clear with a series of signs in several languages that the forest was off limits to unauthorized personnel and that anyone stupid enough to go in without permission from the owner would be dealt with accordingly.

Underneath it was a note in big, easy to understand words that stated without any sympathy that if you went in without permission, they were not legally responsible for anything that happened, so don't come whining to her. Firenze had found it very amusing, and it had done a lot to soothe the anger of the less friendly centaurs like Bane.

The fact she kept out of their forest made the herd happy. Especially since the only thing she asked of them was something they didn't mind doing in the first place And he acts more like a gangly colt than a human, one who leads the herd but is awkward away from it. Harmony snickered at that. She had already experienced the "infamous" klutziness of Dino when he tripped and knocked them both into a water trough. Fortunately she liked to keep those cleaned, so they just got a little wet and he apologized profusely.

I have no idea what love is. It was part of the reason why the herd agreed to move along with the unicorns and to a lesser extent the thestrals. Though most of that herd stayed in the school as they pulled the carriages, the ones who hadn't been trained in that way had gone with Harmony to her new home and stayed primarily with the pegasus herds.

She bought a lot of fresh meat from the butchers, though they thought she was spoiling her guard dogs. That or she liked meat. The centaurs were glad to be well away from the English fool's reach, especially since it was clear that Albus was too far gone in his own sense of accomplishment to see reason.

He would be dead long before he realized the error in his judgment when it came to Harmony Though by unanimous agreement, Firenze was now the "spoke-centaur" for the herd. Harmony didn't interfere with their herd politics and they let Firenze deal with the only human they could reasonably tolerate. As long as the horses were happy, both sides could care less what the other got up to on their own lands. Reborn always did enjoy causing that reaction.

And by that, Reborn meant Romario called him and mentioned it at one point. Dino seemed to making some headway at least, because the girl hadn't chased him off for visiting simply for the sake of seeing her. She clearly figured out what was going on, but was content not to bring it up. Naturally Reborn was very interested in meeting her. Dino might be running his familigia full time now, but he was still Reborn's student.

It wouldn't do for the klutz to marry the wrong person and bring it all crashing down. Not that he was worried about that. This "Harmony" seemed to be the sensible sort and ran a tight business.

She was making a lot of money despite the amount it cost to maintain a ranch that large and only selling her animals to a select few who had earned her favor. Dino groaned. He was going to get whoever told Reborn about his interest in Harmony. Bringing in his former tutor was just not fair. Hermione stood up too and smiled her thanks. It was impossible to get comfortable. The little chair that they used while keeping watch was wobbly, and too small for Harry. He eventually ended up like he always did while on watch: slumped down with his back and head resting against the tent.

Harry was still pretty tired, not having slept much the night before, but he found it hard to care whether he fell asleep while on guard duty. Harry jerked awake. He wondered what it had been that had woken him. He was a bit on edge, so almost any sound might have done it; he listened carefully, trying to pick out any sound that might not have been a natural ambient noise in their surroundings….

Was Hermione dreaming of Ron? Was she worried that he was hurt? They really had no idea how bad things had gotten—which was enough to give anyone nightmares. But the thought was driven from his mind—as was every other thought—when Harry got inside and saw that Hermione was most definitely not having a nightmare.

Hermione was in her bed, naked from the waist down; her jeans and knickers were bunched at the foot of the bed. Her nipples stood out sharply through the thin fabric of her t-shirt. Both of her hands were between her legs, and Harry could clearly see three fingers of her right hand were buried up to the second knuckle inside of her. The fingers of the other hand were moving rapidly back and forth over a spot that seemed to be driving her wild.

Hermione, bossy know-it-all Hermione, half-naked Hermione, was wanking right in front of him. Her fingers, he saw, were moving in and out of her cunt, and they sped up, plunging over and over, and her other hand was a blur as she rubbed on that spot until she gasped; her whole body went rigid and her breath caught, and Harry realized that she was coming. It took Hermione a bit longer than it usually took Harry to come back to herself. Before Harry could react, or decide what to do, Hermione, sniffling, rolled over to reach for a tissue on the nightstand by her bed—and saw Harry.

Their eyes met, and Harry realized that there was absolutely nothing to say—just the conclusion which Hermione had undoubtedly come to. Spinning, Harry yanked the tent flap open, and dropped it behind him as he stumbled out into the open air, his cheeks burning. The night before, had Hermione felt the way he did at that moment?

Had she been as aroused as he was? Instead, he collapsed into the tiny chair, closed his eyes and thumped his head against the side of the tent. And besides, Ginny—. Harry stayed on watch all night.

Hermione was already up, cooking breakfast. She turned and looked at Harry, but returned her attention to the stove before their eyes met. Or at least until we decide for certain what our next step is going to be. She was going to behave exactly as she had after the first night.

That suited Harry just fine, since the previous night had been even more awkward than the night before it. Neither of them said anything else for the rest of the morning. They went through their usual process of packing up their camp and eliminating all traces of their having been there, and were ready to go very quickly. The forest of Dean, where Hermione had taken them, was beautiful, if barren. Harry felt wretched, knowing what Hermione had done to her parents in order to protect them.

It was still cold, and there was a good bit of snow on the ground, but neither of them wanted to go inside the tent. So they stood outside, occasionally stamping their feet, and debated about what their next step should be. Harry sighed; at least the weather had warmed up a bit. Voldemort will win? His people are running wild, with no one to challenge them but a handful of dissidents with no real power! Harry stood there cursing himself silently for being so stupid.

It was almost sunset by the time Harry finally got up the courage to poke his head in the tent. Hermione was sitting in a large stuffed chair, flipping through some notes. She looked up when Harry appeared, and smiled shyly. Harry shrugged. I could have let you push me away, like you were trying to do so much. I decided not to. But try not to be, okay? Unless you want to try and find a supermarket?

They did eventually choose to track down a little supermarket, and picked up enough food for a week of good meals; Harry felt guilty that Hermione was spending her money, but she dismissed it, saying that they needed their strength to keep going. Neither Harry nor Hermione was a very good cook, but what they managed was like a feast compared to their recent fare.

Harry felt himself drifting when he heard Hermione giggle. She smirked when Harry yawned. After a moment, Harry and Hermione looked away from each other awkwardly. Hermione glanced at the clock, which read almost nine-thirty.

Harry smiled in spite of himself; that had been the first time since Ron had left that Hermione had said good morning or good night to him.

Harry got undressed and climbed into bed. He was tired; very tired. However, after about half an hour, Harry was still awake.

Harry groaned, throwing his arms over his head, and tried to will his body to stop. The tent flap lifted, and Hermione stepped in. Oh Merlin, not again… he thought. They stayed like that for a long moment, their eyes locked, until finally Hermione broke away. Without taking her eyes off of it, Hermione reached out, grasped the back of a wooden chair, and swung it around behind her. She s down gingerly, with her hands resting on her thighs, and simply waited.

To let her think that it was would be wrong—doubly wrong, considering how he hoped Ginny still felt about him, and triply wrong, considering how he knew Ron felt about Hermione. He pulled his boxers off, revealing himself completely to Hermione for the second time. Harry lay back down, closed his eyes and grasped himself. The only way he could possibly wank was to forget that Hermione was there; he brought to mind the image that had gotten him going—Ginny, her legs spread wide, thrusting her fingers into her hot, wet cunt.

Harry pumped his hand and imagined asking Ginny to let him and having Ginny say yes, imagined feeling that heat, that wet tightness himself, as he thrust into her, her lean, strong arms around him, her legs pulling him in, urging him on….

He came with a groan, too lost in the fantasy to remember to cover himself properly, and come shot up over his stomach and chest. Panting, Harry came back to himself, and recalled where he was—and who was there with him. He turned his head just in time to see Hermione stand up. She was still looking at his cock, now softening in his hand, covered in sweat and come.

Then, without looking directly at Harry, she turned and stepped outside. Harry cleaned himself up and pulled his clothes back on. He was deeply confused; what had been the point of that? As he lay back down, he stared at the ceiling again, feeling guilty and mystified, and certain that he would be even more awkward around Hermione the next morning. When he did drift off to sleep, his dreams were vague and disturbing, weighted with emotions of hurt, shame and betrayal.

It was still early, but Hermione was already making breakfast. Harry bit back a comment about the uselessness of the Prophet. Hermione frowned slightly in thought. Harry offered to try; he pulled on some clothes, laced up his shoes and stepped outside; it was very cold, even colder than the day before.

Shivering, Harry tried several times to Summon a newspaper, but nothing happened. He was grumbling when Hermione stepped outside as well.

Although he did feel disturbingly vulnerable without it. It turned out not to be a matter of whose wand Harry was using—Hermione was unable to Summon a copy of the Prophet either. Eventually they decided to Apparate to a nearby Muggle town and pick up a few things, including all the Muggle newspapers they could find, just in case there was some wizard activity reported. They returned to the location well after noon, laden with a stack of Muggle papers and magazines.

After a quick lunch they started sifting through the stories. He wondered, oddly enough, about Kreacher, and whether the house-elf had managed to survive the influx of Death Eaters into the House of Black. Mostly, though, he wondered about Ron.

In a moment of indignant anger, he hoped fervently that the rest of the Weasleys—Ginny in particular—were giving Ron hell for abandoning Harry and Hermione when they really needed him. But then Harry felt guilty for even thinking that. He stood up abruptly, making Hermione look up in surprise. To his surprise, Hermione nodded. But when they got outside it was already dark, and it had turned even more cold. Despite the many layers of clothes they were both wearing, it was too cold to stay outside for long.

Harry frowned. Of what, Harry had no idea. Harry stepped back into the entryway, where a small, localized heating charm kept the worst of the cold off. Mildly pleased with himself, he sat down and tried to get comfortable.

But with nothing to do, he ended up dwelling on Hermione. Her insistence on staying outside was odd… very odd. At least at first, and then all of a sudden she changed her mind. It was bewildering. I mean, what is there out here? Harry wondered, glancing around at the dark, snowy woods. I wonder what she did out here last night? I wonder if she… got off, he thought with a blush.

Daniel Radcliffe told not to trim his pubic hair for latest Allen Ginsberg role

Daniel Radcliffe has insisted his gay love scene in Kill Your Darlings isn't as risque as his role on stage in Equus. The former Harry Potter star plays late Beat poet Allen Ginsberg, who gets intimate with another man in the indie drama.

And I played a boy who had a sort of sexual-religious fascination with a horse. This is tame by comparison! Radcliffe: Scene tamer than Equus Daniel Radcliffe says he can understand why his gay love scene in Kill Your Darlings has sparked interest. October 9 AM. But Daniel, 24, said the scene is "tame" compared to his West End stage part. Golf Royal rift: why are William and Harry on 'different paths'?

Celebrity Features. From a chaotic childhood to life as a living legend - the extraordinary story of Also in Entertainment. The Duchess of Sussex has said that a Dublin man alleviates sadness of his own funeral with hilarious recording from his A Dublin man's funeral has gone viral after he John Bercow teaches Tubridy how to say "Order!

Gay harry potter chest hair equus

Gay harry potter chest hair equus