Iron butt motorcycle award-IBA Mile Eater Program

When I first heard about an under-the-radar bunch of road riders who rode miles in 24 hours or less just to earn membership in something called the Iron Butt Association , I thought, A thousand miles? In one day? So I decided to find out. Motorcycles were both my profession and my preferred method of travel, and I fancied myself a tough, experienced rider. But even to me, what the Iron Butt Association was doing seemed a bit extreme.

Iron butt motorcycle award

Iron butt motorcycle award

And maybe best of all, it boosted my motorchcle and broadened my horizons to include a world of motorcycling I never knew existed. This Iron butt motorcycle award the list to check! When the ride is over, you have survived not only a very tough ride, but you'll have the documentation to back up your claims. If needed, write a short note about any I love you mom stories with your ride, for example, "The receipt from Valentine, Nebraska does not have the correct date. I had the attendant write the correct date. Iron Butt UK also teamed up with the Royal British Legion Riders branch in organizing a hour mile run with over riders taking part. Premier members usually get Irpn certificates in just a few weeks!

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They are much less critical on the other ride receipts. Please keep in mind, 24 hours is wall clock time, not riding time. Beginning inshorter rides were arranged that lasted in duration from one to many days, and while the Iron Butt Rally is a large, organized event with a plotted course, the other rides are left up to the competitor to accomplish at their own accord. Your ride needs to be completely documented steps outlined below and cover a minimum distance of 1, miles in less than 24 hours SaddleSoreor 1, miles in less than 36 hours Bun Burner. If you are tired, having a bad day, or facing other hurdles that are impacting your riding skills, please stop and rest so that you may enjoy motorcycling another day! Version No. I'm 5'2", petite with a quiet, geeky personality, and I can barely drink one beer. Yes, there's a big danger factor with motorcycles. For example, we would not accept a claim that you rode five round-trips between Daytona Beach, Florida and Jacksonville, Iron butt motorcycle award distance of only 95 miles Of course, the photo you turn in will be higher resolution so the verification team can clearly read location, date and time. Few experiences in motorcycling are more memorable than an appearance in traffic court, particularly if your license hangs on the outcomereckless motorcycle operation, riding while Howard stern lesbian sybian movie or otherwise impaired, the Iron butt motorcycle award of stimulants to maintain alertness, or any other activity that results in riders Iron butt motorcycle award their personal limits.

But they are tough, and you can join them if you dare.

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  • The IBA does have membership in a traditional sense.
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But they are tough, and you can join them if you dare. The Saddle Sore is the most accessible goal for most of us. You have to ride miles within a hour period. The majority of riders will cover their 1, miles in about 18 hours including all stops.

The same costs and rules apply to the Bun Burner for rides of miles over 36 hours. Route planning is key for a good Iron Butt ride. You might choose a straight-line ride, from one point to another, or a circular route that returns you to your starting point at the end of the ride which carries the distinct advantage of getting you back home.

The IBA comes under some criticism from motorcycle safety advocates, but the organization contends that safety is their first concern. A Saddle Sore or Bun Burner can be completed without exceeding posted speed limits or any unsafe riding practices.

I often dream of completing a Saddle Sore In fact, I actually have a route planned, and have prepared my forms. My longest one-day ride to date has been about miles. The limiting factor has been my motorcycle, a Harley-Davidson Sportster with a solid-mounted engine. I have no doubt that my motorcycle can make the trip, but because of its design, it would be very difficult to ride miles in a hour period and still retain sensation in my extremities.

Over time, with the engine mounted directly to the frame, the vibration causes numbness in my hands and feet. After about miles, I can no longer feel the handlebars or footpegs— not exactly safe riding.

Home Articles Real Riders. By : Jason Fogelson. Wouldn't you like to be counted among the world's toughest riders? It may be time to earn your Iron Butt. Commenting Guidelines. About this article Category Real Riders Safety.

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Cars are comfy, but in a car trip you often hear, "Are we there yet? This low-resolution photo shows a good way to show your receipts. If you can read. For example, 23 hours and 35 minutes into this ride, one person could not find a gas station with a computer generated receipt obviously, our favorite type , so he got a few locals to witness the time he arrived. Retrieved

Iron butt motorcycle award

Iron butt motorcycle award

Iron butt motorcycle award. Suggested Readings


What I Learned Riding Miles On A Motorcycle In 24 Hours

This story is from April 22, Iron Butt: adventure or unnecessary risk? For a long time, he has apparently been gearing up to earn the much-coveted Iron Butt patch which requires an aspirant to ride miles within 24 hours. Unfortunately, Mithun died when he collided midway with a truck in Chithradurga, Karnataka.

However, unlike in the case of the blue whale game, many have been raising voices in defence of the Iron Butt Challenge , which is being taken up by many biking aficionados of Kerala. These riders try to go at an average speed of 65 km per hour, avoiding even food and loo breaks, for 24 hours. Especially towards the last portion of the ride, exhaustion overpowers them physically and mentally and they are highly prone to accidents. But the youngsters, out of their adventurous spirit, take it up for glamour.

They force their parents to buy them high-end bikes and race on Kerala roads. Even when they plan the route and speed, young minds can get tempted to speed up and lose control.

Even in long distance marathons you have medical assistance, unlike in these challenges. Thrissur-based Deepak Dev, a year-old-biker, completed the third level of the challenge — miles in 36 hours — in February this year. It has many categories of rides; km in 12 hours category named as Easy Riders , miles in 24 hours Saddle Sour which Mithun attempted, miles in 36 hours Bun Burner and km in 24 hours Bun Burner Gold.

Most people in India, including beginners, try Saddle Sour as it can be easily finished if you go at a speed of 60 km per hour. I had completed Bun Burner in February this year. All of these are legal in India. Bun Burner Gold is not legal here, as you need an average of km speed to finish it and as per Indian rules, it is over speeding.

The riders take a lot of precautions before the challenge. We start the ride early morning, and will have a hydration bag mixed with electrolyte powder in two litres of water. You keep sipping from it, without letting your throat go dry as there is no point in taking water then. We are supposed to stick to energy bars. What about toilet breaks? You eat vegetables mostly. On the day before the ride you eat a bit of light food.

This challenge too is not different. For instance, it is not a race or something anyone forces you to do. I did all the three levels of the challenge together as I did not feel exhausted after the first or second levels. In one of the groups, some are even saying there was a robbery attempt on him.

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Iron butt motorcycle award

Iron butt motorcycle award