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Lesli barnes-russell nude

Lesli barnes-russell nude

Lesli barnes-russell nude

Lesli barnes-russell nude

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Police sex fetish. Table of Contents

This is YOUR place to escape into a symbols and magical rites. Sunderland3, ; C. The Murwillumbah-based paddlers acquitted themselves well in Macau, with Dougal, paddling in the Premiers Mixed division, helping his crew to a bronze in the 2,m, ninth in the m and Book civil spanish uniform war in m event. Admittedly, the symptoms bad suggested that pOMildUty, bat the barnez-russell tolerance tests had not shown it. Bailey lives in Ocean Vil- lage in Leicester: Troubador Publishing Ltd. This year there was a new dimension added to the program and the andience' didn't even know it was going on. Lesli barnes-russell nude at Coastal Carolina, 1 p. Elvy, Nudd. HD woman Lesli barnes-russell nude urban developer. He was a businessman, barnes--russell with his own cleaning business, then the local bike shop. Skin Podcast Mr.

Glad I had the opportunity to work with her.

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Mark Dolson and Jeff Sny- der are the best rebound - ers. A former high school teacher and college professor, he was Head of Physics Department of Norfolk State College for years prior to assuming his present position with school. Runners-up F. The people of Australia deserve true and effective representation in our national parliament, not puppets! In their estimation, what good is to have all of the overall success when your rival is controlling the series?

Lesli barnes-russell nude

Lesli barnes-russell nude

Lesli barnes-russell nude

Lesli barnes-russell nude

Lesli barnes-russell nude. Highlight your research

Suddenly politics is interesting and even relevant; the punters genuinely want to know what is going on, how many options there are, what are the rules of the game and who is up who for the rent. Last Friday the Sydney Morning Herald produced a four page wraparound attempting to explain it; the public has learned more about politics in the last week of August than they ever did in twelve years of high school.

Whether the interest can be maintained is of course another question; technically the impasse could drag on until the end of November, when parliament would be forced to sit and make a decision. But no-one expects it to go on for that long. And as the players reassembled back in Canberra on the last day of winter, it was clear that the climax was approaching.

Please remain seated and keep your seatbelt securely fastened until the election has come to a complete halt. He was not convinced that the Labor government deserved a second chance. These cabins are extremely comfortable, open plan living cabins. They can be built and delivered anywhere in Australia within weeks of your order. We also offer a resell option on all of our cabins. Please visit our website for more details. Inspections by appointment only call.

Early learning and primary school education program Phone and see how wonderful getting ready for school is Jean Gradwell Adv. Dip B. Letters Letters to the Editor Email: editor tweedecho. Please include your full name, address and phone number. Exciting times Community Voice is hopeful that the federal election results have sent a huge wake-up call to the major parties. The people of Australia deserve true and effective representation in our national parliament, not puppets!

With the federal election result still to be decided, independent MPs are being courted by the Labor and Coalition leaders. This is an exciting time for democracy in Australia.

The independents are calling for a more accountable and inclusive government where all MPs are able to put the needs of their communities ahead of political parties. It confirms the fact that independents can play a vital role in establishing a fairer and more representative democracy, where voters get the services they deserve. Community Voice is particularly pleased that the leaders of the main political parties are listening to the independents and their ideas of how to achieve a more equitable system of representation in the next federal term.

While MPs from the major parties are forced to toe the party line, these independents simply seek the best outcomes for their electorates. It is no wonder they are returned with increased majorities at each election: they are working tirelessly and effectively on behalf of the people they represent and the voters recognise this.

This situation presents a wonderful opportunity for democracy. Dr Fiona McCormick. Save our fig An attempt is being made to cut down the beautiful white fig tree next to Chinderah Tavern. The tree is iconic and of historical value, being about years old, planted by a publican in the late s to mark the occasion of his first born son.

Apparently the tree adds significant land value to the property as well, and is much loved by the local community and provides an abundant supply of food for the local bird life. Download rally review and have your say Q What kinds of events do you want to see in the Northern Rivers?

What kind of community do you think we really are? The NSW Treasurer, Eric Roozendaal, released the World Rally Championship review 13 hours before the polls opened for the federal election, ensuring it would be ignored by Sydney media.

The review appears to scape-. Its main aim seems to be to save face for the state government when it is presented to FIA in Paris on September 10, when they will decide the fate of the Australian leg of the rally. Eric Roozendaal enquiries treasurer.

Copy to NRG info norallygroup. The cost of removing the cactus and trimming it is significantly less. The tree itself is a healthy tree and should not be removed as determined by a professional arborist. I have taken many people to the tavern for lunch and they all comment on the tree, it is a feature!

Once more the community must gather to protest and try and preserve our natural environment. This plan of action will see less of a reduction in our amenity than it would to just let it slip through. It is rather alarming, and an independent review.

When this comes to council, we will really see who is prodevelopment. Must also remember that the infrastructure that we have will determine how many, and who, will come to the area now. Did you know that we are up for another high school, and the community centre in Murwillumbah has been shelved, again. I attended the public meeting that was offered by the council on August It was poorly attended. The bottom line is that council is allowed to charge these contributions, but only do it on the coastal zones north and south of Kingscliff.

This proposal is to take those contribution fees to the rest of the shire. Here in Murwillumbah we have had huge growth, and our infrastructure is now behind the population requirements. Will this happen to you in your area? It goes against policy to make existing residents pay for the ones moving in, but that is exactly what we have been doing. We are all paying higher rates, and if this is allowed to continue with no more action, we will also be losing more amenity.

There is the real likelihood that we will suffer all over the shire with less than the council-determined square metres per thousand head of population. The sad fact is though, it is the local residents who opposed the rally who will be blamed.

Let it be clear in the minds of all residents that blame rests with the ALP state government. It was they who, without even consulting the communities, decided to run it here, and to foot the bill with our tax dollars. It was our local council with Mike Rayner at the.

Now, because No Rally Group is not prepared to help put the rally on, they are attempting to blame us! Why would we do a complete shift, and disappoint the thousands of people who have supported us to get rid of this damn tragedy? We have attempted to work. The rally has caused an enormous rift in our community.

Once they are gone it will be us, the community, left to heal the wounds. Remember, whether you stand for the rally or against it, the one thing we have in common is that we all want what we believe is best for our beautiful region.

Julie McNamara. Live and let live! The thought that the burqa should be banned is the same sort of repression that caused many women to feel they should wear it in the first place. Nevertheless, many women wearing burqas are as adamant as their menfolk, that Muslim women wear burqas. Beat Cabarita Beach. Organic Revolution now!! Classes are beginner friendly and encourage people to shake it. The choreography is easy to follow, you can choose your own level.

This is YOUR place to escape into a. By appointment only. Seventy percent of smokers want to quit. Many have tried and failed! Major Arcana Tarot This system makes it cards.

Call Bottled in the Australian high country, and charged with healing. This system makes it easy! Cooked to Order! A something Australian language student in Florence, Victoria meets and falls for the charismatic and volatile Italian chef Gianfranco, who teaches her to cook.

She has lived in Byron Bay for the past ten years, working at The Echo for the past eight. Using the best and freshest produce is a priority for Adam and all his small goods, pork and seafood, are sourced from all local suppliers. Heat olive oil in a heavy pot with several peeled cloves of garlic and some rosemary sprigs and brown 1 kilogram of diced blade steak in batches until brown all over.

Place under tea towel and pound with meat mallet. After about 20 minutes slosh in 1 cup of red wine and bring to the boil then simmer until wine has evaporated. Add grams of peeled tomatoes, extra water and salt to taste. For savoury cooking, buy fruits that are hard and slightly acidic.

Match them with seafood, chicken, pork and a hint of aromatic curry spices. Under ripe mangoes also make good relishes and chutneys. In desser t menus, mangoes go well fresh, with just ice cream or mango sorbet and cakes.

My ultimate favourite has to be with coffee and cream. Soak them in sugar syrup for a couple of hours to soften, then drain and pat dry. Mix it all together then scoop this into martini glasses and layer between the sheets of mango, ready to serve. Happy cooking. Enjoy the great ocean view at our family friendly venue with service at its best, where hundreds of happy patrons keeps coming back for breakfast, lunch and dinner each week.

Fully licensed or BYO wine only, max 6 people. Television Guide 1. Four friends who work in a cafeteria compare notes on toy boy romance in the French comedy Ah!

The Libido! SBS1, Friday, This was reality before Reality TV came along and watered it down. ABC 1 4. ABC 3 6. Newcastle 5. Stars Juan 1. Breakfast 9. ABC 1 5. SBS 2 5. Stars Ialita Panyopas, Tasanawalai Ongartittichai 2. Stars Wagner Moura, Lazaro Ramos Duff 6. My service is FREE and no charge to my clients. Contact me now for an obligation free mortgage health check. RXssel 6haZ. Eyeballs on pages With such a dedicated readership, The Echo is the more effective way to reach your customers.

For advertising enquiries please call 02 or email adcopy tweedecho. ABC 2 6. SBS 1 5. News 5. PRIME 6. Stars Outi Maenpaa, Ria Kataja ONE HD 6. Stars Ahidjo 9. Stars Yulia Vystskaya, 4. Stars Shuli 9. Stars Emma4. Quarters 5. Trueline has been designing and constructing patios and extensions for nearly 40 years.

Stars Mirlan Abdykalykov, Sergei Golovkin 1. Australia 1. Stars Days 2. Stars Denis 4. Stars Juan Villegas, Walter Donado Stars Fares Fares, Goran Ragnerstam Advertisement for a caravan 7 She resumes leaky trip, looking for safe haven 6,6. Accommodate one of four 7 2. Seabirds devour weasels 7 3. Trade fairs contain certain revelations 9 4. Count — topless and brown! Hauritz, one run up, goes back to being a wowser 7 6. Diana, one new individual composer 7 7.

Ticks cause scars 5 Cryptic Clues Bad English framework Line jerseys for 26s, as Tony Beam makes the grade, but Abbott calls them 5,7 will need some of these to keep 7,5 Herb Fawlty 5 Dumb people nurse 9.

Ban the idiot? One AFL Fate exploits sacred gratitude for changes 7 legend! Bum not available — left Spanish gypsies require a Bend over river northeast soldier, sunburned and large 7 of the swamp where Hercules for Soccer club 7 Shout approval for the Deconstructed 25?

Repeat found the Hydra 7 president, we hear 7 Building, circular, a bone test 7. Urgers, those who push their way to the front 5,7 8.

Chart used by motorists 4,3 9. AFL great Ron ……. Spanish gypsies 7 Second hearing after a successful appeal 7 Catches 9 might make 5 Wooing, making love 9 Fragrant herb 5 Water lilies 7 Of the swamp where Hercules killed the Hydra as his second labour 7 A circular pavilion, often used as bandstand 7 Towed vehicle, used for transporting goods or people 7 Displaced person applying for refugee status 6,6.

Revelations, photographs 9 4. Reddish brown pigment 5 5. Person of strict moras, wowser 7 6. Illegal transporter of narcotics 4,8 Unauthorised immigration, criminal incursion 7,5 Parasitic plant sacred to the Druids 9 Changes, transforms 7 Place for storing weapons 7 Voice approval, but also derision 7 Of the stars 7 Jerk, twitch 5.

It has a huge line-up of top notch classical and a smattering of jazz musicians.. The program is as follows — for more see www. The Merlin Ensemble perform Tchaikovsky. Mason Rack Band have recently returned from their fourth Canadian summer festival tour with the new album Live in Canada. Mason Rack originates from Southport and started performing at the tender age of six, playing to charmed audiences with his dad, Billy Rack, a multi-talented jazz musician.

Never Land Bar, Friday September 4. Special guest this month is David Chittick, who will be supported by vocalist Elaine Reardon. For more visit www. Their er s song-list consists of top 40, rock, classics, f funk and the occasional hint of jazz and b blues. Fred Lang After an 18 year career in an industry not known for its longevity, the middle aged maestro of mirth and merriment has just about seen and done it all.

MC for the night is Mandy Nolan. Show starts at 7. Bookings are recommended. The RSL provides free childcare at their kids club while shows are on so parents can enjoy a laugh.

Tickets can be purchased at www. Murwillumbah Civic Centre, from 7. Tickets and table bookings are available at Murwillumbah Music Shop 02 or at the door. Enquiries 02 Salt Village, Kingscliff 02 dining fins. O-Sushi is a modern Japanese restaurant guided by a philosophy that incorporates traditional values of providing the best possible service combined with fresh wholesome food.

View the art and treat yourself to Murwillumbah delicious cakes and great coffee. A fabulous venue for Open Wed-Sun 10am-5pm special events, office parties and wedding receptions.

Enjoy contemporary dining in a relaxed atmosphere with waterfront views, professional, friendly staff and award winning chefs. If you are looking for delicious food, coffee or romantic sunset cocktail on the riverbank, the Sheoak Shack is the beach shack for you with a funky laid back daytime vibe or a party atmosphere with live music on Saturday nights. Did you know Fins is also open in the bar just for drinks every night from 5pm til late!

Email dining fins. Only serving the freshest ingredients. Authentic Vietnamese and Thai style food in the heart of Murwillumbah. For something different, try our Vietnamese coffee. Eat in or takeaway. Open 7 days 11am till late. Delicious food, bistro open for lunch everyday from pm, dinner Thursday to Sunday from pm. Here you will find some of the best local dining on offer. Restaurant owners take note: Good Taste provides you with the chance to tell your customers more about your business with ample room for that extra information that may not fit in a small advertisment.

Great introductory rates are on offer, call 02 to find out more. In that hour I write my Echo column, answer my emails, do paintings, and tend to the other children. I hate hearing women complain about their babies waking in the night.

The cot gets a run, but basically the baby always manages to get into bed. My mother confessed that she used to sleep with me. Little Ivy breastfeeds from about 10pm until 6am. Non stop. She feeds so heavily she has little need of food and nutrition during the day. She loves her night titty. I am paying her to be a sleep bitch. I watch teen mums belting their kids at Kmart and think, geez, I bet they get their kids to sleep. I have never been able to do controlled crying. It always ends with me crying uncontrollably and the baby trying to console me.

Why should they be forced to sleep alone when we get to snuggle up with a partner? And so I let the little thing curl up with her Mum and Dad. Amazingly, the tiny body, just 80cm long has the capacity to occupy at least half of the new King size bed. The life force is strong in this one. Of all my children I would say this one is the most intense, the most energetic and the most inflexible. An adorable tyrant made entirely of breast milk and will. And so that will must be broken. Lest her 42 year old mother goes nuts and ends up wandering the streets in her petticoat.

Hang on, I already do that. Or at least sleeping it. The Tweed Echo has the most comprehensive entertainment gig guide in the area. For your free listing, email gigs echo. Are you ever. Solo Sagittarians benefit from healthy self indulgence massage, beauty therapy, holidays , tandem Archers from using their imagination to freshen relationships.

This is the week. A generous gesture when you least feel like it spreads ripples of good will like a pebble dropped in the cosmic pond, dissolving a gridlock and paving the way for long overdue change.

Pixie Michael Management presents. Use a softlysoftly approach on interpersonal hiccups, and give private needs precedence over public appearances.

And as astrologer Crab Rob Brezny advises, be eager to dwell gracefully among interesting questions that tease and teach. LEO: Expecting adulation this week? Everyone and their dog has opinions contrary to yours.

Or your own. At first I thought maybe the big ones were protecting the little ones. A couple have mentioned finding smaller flathead when cleaning big ones, one guy found two inside a belly. Flathead they seemed to be the only fish I could catch over the long weekend — I had Friday off due to the Gold Coast Show.

I could not land any big girls but the amount of just legals and undies I caught was amazing. Maybe it has something to do with all the baitfish around. Small prawns have started to make an appearance and I am starting to see a little surface action with fish chasing the smaller bait fish in the shallows. They love a good drop off, with a lot of current moving through. Flats work a treat on the outgoing tide with all that food flowing through.

Here is a photo of Steven and Ryan and a beaut leatherjacket and me with a nice whiting. Good luck and thanks for your calls — keep them coming. Club coach Peter Ohl came into the event as the hot favourite, cruising through the round matches to play Ashley Welch in the final. Overcoming a lack of match play, Peter showed why he has previously won the event 10 times with big hitting and inch perfect drop shots. The match had to be limited to one set as the clock neared 10pm. The final score of not reflecting the quality of the match with Ashley playing strong ground strokes of his own.

Sun rise Sun set Moon Moon rise set Missing the event last year due to injury Peter said although he lacked match play he was happy with his overall performance. Jenni won the match on the back of big hitting from the baseline and well placed shots. The tournament raised much needed money for the club but Peter said the main thing is that everybody had fun.

Club memberships for this season are still available from Sports World in Murwillumbah. Our reference is Grants Fishes of Australia, page — plate Maori Cod is well regarded as a table fish. Cheers, David and Joy Broomfield. High tide, height m ,1. Low tide, height m ,0. All times are Eastern Standard Time. Time lags: Ballina Boat Dock: 15 min; Byron Bay: nil; Brunswick River Highway Bridge: high 30 min, low 1 hr; Mullumbimby: 1 hr 10 min; Billinudgel: 3 hr 55 min; Chinderah: high 1 hr 30 min, low 2 hr; Terranora Inlet: high 2 hr 10 min, low 2 hr 25 min; Murwillumbah: high 2 hr 30 min, low 2 hr 50 min.

Tides in bold indicate high tide of 1. Data courtesy of the National Tidal Centre. It has been nearly three months since Nev Salmon an immensely respected member of the Kingscliff community lost his life after being hit by a B-Double truck while on one of his many cycling training rides. Nev Salmon had been riding to meet a mate for a training ride that the two had been regularly doing for some time.

He was a businessman, firstly with his own cleaning business, then the local bike shop. He was an avid sportsman who liked to participate. Nev competed in over club races with Twin Towns tri club. He was always eager to assist where he could and find solutions when required.

He loved the camaraderie of the club and getting out on his bike for a ride with mates. The triathlon starts with the kids aged seven and older, every child participating will receive a medal and competitor shirt just for giving it a go. For information regarding events and road closures go to www. Monthly Raffle - Pat Rannie. Social results are, S. Cook and B. Smith def. Flack and K. Mullan, R. Thorley, M. Dobie and D.

Hardie def. Stanfield, E. Elvy, M. Wilkins and J. Winning rink B. Condong Cane Toads Sunday 29th Cane toads hosted 30 saints and sinners and 45 social bowlers from paradise point bowls club. B Grade. Brunswick Heads. Saturday 28th bowlers played. Sunday M Bennett def D Benge b singles.

Krizman, T. Corney out of the hat with R. Toby K. Tilley winners of the loosing rink. Rink 19 A. Atkinson, Rink 17 J. Downes, Raffle Winners. Division 3 also had a win defeating Benowa 72 shots to Divisions 5 go-. Division 8 defeating Musgrave Hill 59 shots to Parker, L. Runners Up: T. Pollard, M. Lucky Bowler: J. Lamb 1st, J. Hay 2nd, J Balzarolo 3rd, D. Cooke 4th Section 2 : N. Smith 1st, D.

Smith, 2nd J. North 3 Section 3: K. Piggott Round 2 J. Baily Round 3 A. Jackson, D. Moir Runners-up: W. Hill, M. Brady, J. Arnold Friday 27th August, Winners: D. Parsons, J. Runners-up D. Appleton - W. Fielding Saturday 28th Winners: M. Brady, T. Runners-up F. Moore, W. Kent, J. Banks, F. Losers: D. Clark, J. Field, D. Moir, B. Runnersup: B. Jackson, B.

Score Scott, S. Jackson, N. Dowling def. Croghan, F. Hewitt, J. Fisher, D. Cramer, S. Ganter, P. Wade, def. Garwood, D. Long, M. Gwynne, B. Bitmead, J. Webster, M. Higgins def. Cumming, E. Simpson, P. Reedy, D. Hoffman, N. Wise, A. Vermeulan, P. Govett def. Monk, J. Tynan, J. Redman, D. Mann, D. Kerwitz, J. Withington, J. Finney, def. Stewart, S. Jackson, J. Green, P. Sieben, N. Bell, E. Bartram, B. Henderson, def. Laycock, E. McGrath, M.

Marquis, D. McNamara Wednesday Ladies Pairs. Scott, F. Pekarsky, def. Nash, E. Lusby, J. Roche def. Collins, G. Ebsworth, S. McKenzie def. Griffith, V. Clark, M. Van Runt def. Cashona, C. Martin, P. Dearlove, def. Murphy, R. Bradley, L.

Hodsdon, def A. Venables, K. McKennaA, Plowright, E.. Carter def. Elsey, P. Ware, P. Reedy def. Harris, V. Purcell, W. Wilson def. Duncan, J. Rayward, M. Dare def. Moore, R. Legs Leslie Ash. Babes Bikini Blonde. Rose Leslie Fake nudes. Celebrity Fakes Game Of. Blonde Leslie Bibb Messy Hair. Celebrity Rose Leslie. Blowjob Cara Lott John Leslie. Leslie Mann This is 40 Mamogram. Leslie Mann This is 40 Nude Scene. Jasmine loves Leslie Foxx. Hot Leslie Loves. Leslie Jones Leaked.

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Variety’s Legal Impact Report – Variety

In , Purcell was tried and convicted of the same charge, was released on appeal bond and the conviction was later overturned, according to Wood. The conviction was overturned because evidence was admitted during the first trial that should not have been, and the court added an extra element to the offense which required the state to prove the photograph was lewd in nature, Wood said.

The victim preferred not to be identified because of the nature of the crime and his age at the time of the crime. The Ledger Independent does not identify victims of sexual crimes.

He said Purcell asked him to walk without his underwear, and questioned if the boy ever masturbated. When the boy said he did not, Purcell asked the boy if he would like to be shown how. Purcell admitted taking the Polaroid photo of the boy, Wood said. Purcell said the photograph of the boy has since been destroyed. Detective Sherman Royse of the Kentucky State Police was leading another investigation into allegations of sexual abuse when the information about the picture arose.

Testifying during the trial, Royse said after he received information of the photograph, he located the juvenile victim, then conducted an interview with Purcell during which he admitted he took the photo. Purcell said the photos were taken to show two women they had met while taking a walk.

Those women had expressed an interest in having sex with Purcell and the victim, according to Purcell. Testifying on behalf of the prosecution was the victim and his parents, as well as Royse.

Testifying for the defense was Purcell as well as a few character witnesses, including G. White who was sheriff when Purcell was a deputy sheriff.

Purcell faced between 10 and 20 years if convicted. Though the jury sentenced Purcell to 15 years, the final sentencing by the judge will not occur until February.

Even with 15 years, Purcell is eligible for parole after three years, or after serving 20 percent of his time, according to Wood. The mobile mammography unit will be at the Buffalo Trace Health Department building at 8 a.

The unit visits the area multiple times a year in order to provide mammogram access to women who may need on, but are unable to make it to a traditional doctor, according to Mammography Mobile Unit Program Director Madonna Vinicombe. The unit provides access and convenience for women to get their annual mammogram, which all women should have each year once they turn Women who need to have a mammogram, but are uninsured, can still have the test administered by the mobile unit, but will need to let the scheduling department know in advance.

If a community wishes to request the van visit its area, arrangements can be made by calling It only takes 10 minutes and we want to reach as many women as possible. Ornate topper October 25, Construction crews work high above East Third Street on the Cox Building making final repairs to the ornate topper on the turret. Traffic was controlled due to the size of the lift that was being used.

With a forecast of rainy weather, many area Saturday activities have been moved indoors or cancelled. The downtown Fall Festival, hosted by the Maysville Brewing Company, has been mostly moved indoors, according to brewery owner Tiffany Fields. The fall pictures will now be inside the Bluegrass Gypsy Boutique.

The adult costume contest, which begins at p. It will still take place on Sunday from p. The downtown trick-or-treat is still planned from noon to 2 p. Vendors can start setting up at 1 p. You can unload where the back door of the gym door is located. Vendors need to check in with me. Four indicted in Bracken County October 25, Christopher Allan Sweet, 34, was indicted on two counts first-degree sodomy, one count first-degree rape, one count menacing, one count knowing abuse of an adult and one count second-degree being a persistent felony offender.

According to the indictment, on or about Aug. According to the indictment, on Aug. Cord Eldon Nickoson, 42, was indicted on one count first-degree possession of a controlled substance and one count possession of drug paraphernalia.

According to the indictment, on Sept. Jamie Lee Spivey, 40, was indicted on one count first-degree bail jumping, which allegedly occurred on Sept.

Officials conduct investigation into TES staff member October 25, Bivens confirmed allegations which involve a staff member within TES, who allegedly engaged in inappropriate contact with a student. Both parties are reluctant to divulge further information due to there being ongoing investigations. The identities of any of the involved individuals were not revealed by either Weddington or Bivens.

The allegations have yet to be substantiated, and additional information will be forthcoming as it is made available, officials said.

Traffic lights upgraded in Flemingsburg October 25, Traffic flow at the intersection will not be affected with the new signal.

With the flashing yellow arrow, left turns from Kentucky 11 toward Maysville or toward downtown Flemingsburg must yield to oncoming traffic when indicated.

This new signal operates similarly to the ones seen at the intersection to Elizaville Road, near Fleming County Hospital, as well as other arrow signals in Morehead, Ashland, Lexington and elsewhere. The transportation cabinet urges motorists to exercise caution until they are familiar with the new signals. When approaching the Kentucky 11 and Kentucky 57 intersection, motorists will now encounter one of four indicators:.

Drivers may turn left after yielding to oncoming traffic. MCMS student opens pet blessing box October 25, Dylan Reed, a seventh grade at MCMS, said the idea for the box came to him because he understands there are a lot of families who are unable to afford food for their pets.

According to Reed, on Wednesday, when the box was installed, it had already been filled and emptied the same day. According to Wendy Reed, her son knew how much the blessing box next to Crosspoint Community Church is used, so she understood that people would need assistance feeding their pets, as well. The animals give them comfort.

So, it was an awesome idea for Dylan to do this. Our blessing box gets used a lot. Dylan Reed said he is also collecting donations from elsewhere. Anyone interested in donating to Dylan can contact him at or Wendy Reed at Bridge inspectors October 24, This photo is of the tower on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River taken from Kentucky 8. Nearly 40 vintage vehicles made their way from Fort Boonesborough to the Robertson County landmark to eat and take in the sights of the area.

Traffic was backed up briefly as drivers waited to find a parking space near the bridge. Ray Haywood stacks firewood Thursday near his home in Sardis. Beautiful weather will continue today with rain in the forecast for Saturday. Facebook Twitter Instagram. October 28, Home News. Previous Emergency shelter questions bring back memories of tornado. Mobile mammography unit returns to Maysville Nov.

Elizabeth Mobile mammography unit will be returning to Maysville in November. Space is limited. Ornate topper October 25, Construction crews work high above East Third Street on the Cox Building making final repairs to the ornate topper on the turret.

Changes made for many Saturday activities October 25, With a forecast of rainy weather, many area Saturday activities have been moved indoors or cancelled. More information can be found on the Maysville Brewing Company Facebook page.

In Augusta, the Augusta Independent School haunted house will still open at 7 p. Christy Howell-Hoots choots cmpapers. Jonathan Wright jwright cmpapers. When approaching the Kentucky 11 and Kentucky 57 intersection, motorists will now encounter one of four indicators: — Red Arrow : Stop. Drivers turning left must stop. The signal is getting ready to turn red. Drivers may turn left.

Conflicting traffic is stopped. Terry Prather, The Ledger Independent. Next Article.

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