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Patterns for crochet edging, numbered from to Short explanation of stitches on inside cover. Plates illustrating darned net filet , but also suitable for cross-stitch and filet crochet. Most of the plates are clear enough to work from. Includes borders, squares, scenes from fairy tales, myths, lords and ladies, the virtues, some Roman gods and heroes, heraldic beasts, and classical cherubs.

Lovely crochet chairbacks

Lovely crochet chairbacks

Lovely crochet chairbacks

Scans donated by Bhavani Harikrichnan, edited by Bhavani Harikrichnan. The hats are fabulous. Also squares, doilies, boudoir caps, and a stunning brassiere of crocheted medallions with manufactured Lovely crochet chairbacks. Chair Pads. Scans donated by Sytske Wijnsma, edited by Judith Adele. French language booklet illustrating designs for counted thread, pattern darning, and canvaswork embroidery. Gorgeous early 20th C design in Irish Crochet, "plain crochet", filet crochet. Corchet Comforts Needlecraft Vol.

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Add Lively Cupcake to favorites. If you want to understand how pineapples have been worked into shawls from the beginning days of crochet, this is a great pattern to try. Add Up North Cardigan to favorites. This pattern design is by Sandi Marshall. This lovely tote bag combines several best-loved favorites: crocheted flowers and granny squares. Devon werkheiser model With Dachshund Dog Design Dachshund lovers will get a kick out of seeing their furry xhairbacks portrayed in cross stitch on the front of this interesting crocheted purse. This ultra-feminine bag has lacy crocheted details. Shop Now. This is a step-by-step photo tutorial with written instructions for how to crochet a classic pineapple motif. Free pattern for the striped Venezualan ass bag Learn how to carry yarn up the sides of your work when crocheting stripes. This free crochet pattern by Happyghan is a Loveyl example of the pineapple motif repeated in the round Lovely crochet chairbacks a pretty doily. This charming vintage sachet pattern will give you the opportunity to practice crocheting the knot stitch. Add a chain to an individual crochet pineapple and you have a great crochet bookmark. Dachshund lovers will get a kick out chairbbacks seeing their furry friends portrayed in cross stitch on the front of this interesting crocheted purse. Continue to 5 of 20 below.

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  • Pineapples are popular crochet designs, adorning all kinds of projects from shawls and scarves to doilies and more.
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Patterns for crochet edging, numbered from to Short explanation of stitches on inside cover. Plates illustrating darned net filet , but also suitable for cross-stitch and filet crochet. Most of the plates are clear enough to work from. Includes borders, squares, scenes from fairy tales, myths, lords and ladies, the virtues, some Roman gods and heroes, heraldic beasts, and classical cherubs.

A few of the designs can be sourced to 16th century modelbooks, but they are not attributed. One of the oldest American booklets with crochet patterns - interesting insights on clothing and color tastes of the 's. Fashion: Philadelphia Carriage shoes, muffatees, bags, stockings, garters, cephaline, cuffs, night caps.

Crocheted toys: horses, sheep, pigs, cats, frogs, chickens, Humpty Dumpty, teddy bear, Jack and Jill. Single sheet crochet design for a motif plus small joining ring and edging, presented as a tablecloth, but easily adapted for other uses. Prose instructions, no photo of individual motif, American notation.

Crocheted laces to imitate a French bobbin lace that typically has leaf or petal shapes connected by bars. Marie Antoinette later published under the name Hees. Lavish laces for piano and library scarves, collars, pillows, doilies, lingerie.

Art deco cross stitch charts of stylized floral borders and corners, alphabets and a wonderful steamship. Instruction for how to crochet, then tie a compound fringe, for passmenterie use on dresses, bags, blankets, or upholstery. From the collection of Folva Miller, donated by her grandson Charles Kite.

Edited by Sytske Wijnsma. Instructions for 12 beaded purses, plus several wach bands, barcelets, and necklaces.

Purses are worked in bead knitting or crochet, some with detailed charts. Other accessories in loom-woven badwork, or needle-strung, braided, or glued. Full color illustrations of finished items. Basic knitting and crocheting instructions, and a wide variety of patterns for sweaters and accessories, some for full figures, many of which are surprisingly modern. Also baby and children and men's patterns. The hats are fabulous. Crocheted and tatted patterns for lingerie yokes many would be good for modern blouses and collars , including Maltese hairpin crochet and filet charts.

Knitting and crochet instructions, hook sizing graph, patterns for babies, hats, shawls, vests, mittens, gloves, stockings, blankets and a fabulous tea cozy.

Traditional lacy knit shawls and wraps using lace-weight yarns. Circular, square and triangular forms, most with edgings. Some crocheted designs, too. An enormous and wonderful book, essential for understanding late Victorian needlework.

Instructions in Silk Embroidery, Knitting and Crocheting, Illustrated with cuts, half tones and color plates. Full color plates showing shading, detailed diagrams of stitch direction and formation, written instructions, inclduing lists of thread colors used.

Also instructions for Mount Mellick table spread with a knotted fringe trim, a shirtwaist in surface stitched whitework, and freehand designs for shirtwaist and lingerie embroidered edgings, designs for gown embellishment, embroidery for parasols, lampshades, and several cushions. Crochet instructions plus patterns for necktie, purse, suspenders, and a small pinwheel intended to make up bedspreads and table linens. Silk knitting, crocheting, embroidery instructions and patterns for women's, men's and baby clothing, household items and many bags and purses.

Knitting patterns for nine bedjackets, shoulder capelets and shawls, some with matching slippers. Prose instructions, only one size presented. Cross-stitch charts for alphabets, monograms, borders, and a wonderful transportation scene. Filet charts for crochet, beading, embroidery on net, etc.. Formal and floral designs, birds, mythical creatures, church motifs, Japanese inspired scenes, in edgings, large squares for centerpieces.

Huge collection of embroidery, crochet and knitting patterns for silk threads and yarns, including descriptions of the thread itself, hundreds of stitches and types of needlework, and beautiful illustrations. Socks, mittens, motifs, chains, edgings, bags, ties, bags, belts, tassels, fan, slippers, lamp shade, garter, suspenders, embroidered flowers.

Filet edgings and insertions with instructions - formal and floral designs, an unusual seafood table linen pattern with lobsters and crabs, butterfly and bee insertions, birds, animals, alphabets, japanese motifs. Crochet instructions for items in Irish and Venetian crochet imitation of Italian cutwork , plus Cluny crochet; cross-stitch on crochet mesh ground; filet crochet. Lots of butterflies, florals, brooches, jabots, edgings, medallions, slides, even crocheted cord formed into initials.

Collection of prose patterns for crochet and tatting, includes baby layette, filet crochet heraldic medallions for insertion into door curtains, yokes for chiledren's and women's clothing, filet insertion for bolster cushion, child's hat and collar, corset cover, octagonal box with Chinoiserie motif.

Tatting instruction sinclude edgings for luncheon set and towels, lingerie trim and yoke, pillow and bedding items, collars, and insertions and edgings for tea cloths.

Most in a single color, the Pastel pattern has different colors. French language prose instructions for nine sets of crocheted insertion strips and their matching heavily fringed edgings. Includes photographs of finished strips and edgings. Deeply textured, heavy, yet lacy, these intended to be worked in cotton, and used for curtains, valences, portieres, shelf and mantlepiece trims.

Hat and gloves, table runners, blouse, luncheon cloth, night table doily, bedspread ensemble, another luncheon set, and shade pulls, all decorated with butterflies in many shapes and colors. We're still looking for Nos. More crocheted edgings, collars and cuffs. Four leporello folding pattern sheets. Each sheet presents highly detailed engravings of two separate thread crochet medallions or motifs, plus one or more coordinating edgings.

No prose directions or stitch diagrams beyond the engravings themselves. Gros crochet, 14 figurative patterns, birds, leaves, flowers, mostly meant for home decoration. Bed covers with putti, curtains, figurative crochet. Lovely patterns, especially the horse chestnut. Columbia Cottons and How to Use Them, Latest and most practical manual for making infant's and children's caps.

Price 10 cents. A book of inspiration in the art of modern lace making. Crochet patterns for doiles, centerpieces, a chair protector set antimacassars table runners and tablecloths, featuring variants of the pineapple motif. American notation. Charming aprons, boudoir caps, curtains, pillows, rag rug, doilies, napkin rings, and a "Monkey Face Portier".

Delicate lacet, filet, Torchon, Cluny , hairpin lace, and other crochet stitches for negligees, boudoir caps, and bedroom table items. Crocheted edgings for handkerchiefs, including hairpin lace instructions. Variety of edgings, beautiful illustrations. Some are edgings around linen centers, some are all-crochet. Complete crochet instructions and full information for making six small and one large basket. Instructions for stiffening basket included.

Instructions and charts for filet crochet doilies, table linens, pillow covers, placemats and centerpieces; Emblem of Freedom Symbol of Roosevelt's Depression-era recovery effort ; rooster, cornucopia, edgings, and a collar. Crochet pattern for round six-wedge doily in filet crochet, featuring daffodils. Prose instructions, no chart for motif, US terms. Placemats, rugs, pot holders, towel trims, seat covers.

Crochet directions and charts for filet crochet lace pieces intended for church and devotional use. Includes panels and frontals, a funeral alb, insertions and edgings for altar linens. Many of these charted designs can be adapted for cross-stitch or darned net filet. Includes regular crochet, hairpin crochet, and a corner butterfly to be accented with embroidery. Edgings, medallions, squares and camisole yokes, including spider and filet patterns. More classic edgings, insertions, medallions, squares, doilies, and fringes, including spider patterns and a wonderful grape border.

Yokes, edgings and bedroom caps, baby caps, tray cloth, monograms, cluny lace doilies. The filet patterns include a large butterfly, a peacock and patterns for Elk Lodge, Modern Woodmen of America, Shriners. Photos of example trims and collars, no instructions. Crochet stitch guide, patterns for crocheted laces, Irish Crochet motifs butterflies , slippers, bags, a gentleman's scarf, boudoir caps, crocheted lace baskets, coasters, knit and crocheted ladies' scarves, sweaters, dressing jackets, hats, shawls, child's sweater.

Patterns for crocheted vanity box, slippers, yokes, hat trim, fasteners, collars, sweater, buttons, silk bag, cushion, edgings, motifs, doilies, napkins and napkin rings, baby hats and slippers.

Knitting patterns for baby and child items, afghan, gentleman's silk hose, lady's silk jacket. Fashion: Florence, MA slippers, hats, collars, speater, baby items, jacket. Crochet stitch instructions, including more complicated stitches such as roll stitch and star stitch.

Patterns for crocheted silk men's ties, a knitted tie, doilies, luncheon sets, filet patterns, some exquisite edgings, tatted baby items, scarves, yokes, caps, patterns for doll items.

Knitting and crochet instructions, with some interesting fancy stitches, patterns for men's, women's and children's sweaters, baby blankets and clothes, silk purses, hats, shawls, socks, gloves, military and hospital items. Some of the sweaters are surprisingly modern. Delicate crocheted blouse, edgings, doilies, insertions, yokes, Irish Crochet, bags, hats, slippers, men's ties, and a lampshade. Filet charts, including church lace and alphabets.

Tatted edgings, motifs, doilies. Knit silk sweaters. Crochet and knitting patterns for edgings, table and bed linens, doilies, tablecloths, filet charts, yokes, baby bonnets, knit sweater collar, cuffs, curtains, Irish Crochet motifs, doll's sweater, bedspreads.

Continue to 17 of 18 below. This striped crochet bag almost appears woven, but it is definitely crocheted. The rest of the swimsuit is worked with other basic crochet stitches. Give one of these to every book lover on your list and make some for yourself as well! This gorgeous bag was originally published in a crochet pattern book by M. Free pattern for the striped crochet bag Learn how to carry yarn up the sides of your work when crocheting stripes.

Lovely crochet chairbacks

Lovely crochet chairbacks

Lovely crochet chairbacks

Lovely crochet chairbacks

Lovely crochet chairbacks

Lovely crochet chairbacks. Vintage and Contemporary Patterns for Classic Pineapple Crochet


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An antimacassar is a small cloth placed over the backs or arms of chairs, or the head or cushions of a sofa, to prevent soiling of the permanent fabric. The name is attributable to macassar oil, an unguent for the hair commonly used in the early 19th century. The fashion for oiled hair became so widespread in the Victorian and the Edwardian period that housewives began to cover the arms and backs of their chairs with washable crochet chair set cloths to preserve the fabric coverings from being soiled.

Around , these started to be known as antimacassars. Bedspread Patterns. Chair Set Patterns. Luncheon Set Patterns. Placemat Patterns. Table Runner Patterns. Tablecloth Patterns. Vanity Set Patterns. They came to have elaborate patterns, often in matching crochet chair sets for the various items of parlor furniture; many were made at home using a variety of techniques such as crochet or tatting.

The original antimacassars were usually made of stiff white crochet-work, but in the third quarter of the 19th century they became simpler and softer, usually fabric embroidered with a simple pattern in wool or silk.

All rights reserved. Newsletter Signup. Email Address:. Chair Set Patterns Chair Covers Antimacassar An antimacassar is a small cloth placed over the backs or arms of chairs, or the head or cushions of a sofa, to prevent soiling of the permanent fabric. Field of Wheat Chair Set. Spread Eagle Chair Set. Blossom Time Chair Set. Pineapple Fan Chair Set.

Color Spree Chair Set. Rose of the Lea Chair Set. Heart's Ease Chair Set. Old Brocade Chair Set. Double Diamond Chair Set. Swedish Princess Chair Set. Good Companions Chair Set. Double Header Chair Set. Show Your Colors Chair Set. Triple Play Chair Set. Marlborough Chair Set. Queen's Taste Chair Set. Flower Show Chair Set. Williamsburg Chair Set.

Tulip Chair Set. Windmill Chair Set. Chippendale Chair Set. Flower Basket Chair Set. Irish Crochet Chair Set. Tri-Colored Stripe Chair Set. Crown Jewel Chair Set. Formal Living Room Set. Wheel of Fortune Chair Set. Filet Living Room Set. Bird and Flower Chair Set. Chariot Wheel Chair Set. Tri-Colored Octagon Chair Set. Two-Colored Chair Set. Afghan Stitch Chair Set. Flowery Chair Set. Casement Chair Back. Peasant Chair Set. Plant Chair Set.

Bird and Tree Chair Set. Pansy Chairback Set R Stained Glass Chair Set. Shell Stitch Oval Set. Mosaic Antimacassar Set. Tri-Colored Diamond Chair Set. Star Wheel Chair Set. Mesh Lace Chair Set. Caravel Chair Set. Cabbage Rose Chairback Set R Basket Filet Chair Set. Bright Cluster Chair Set. Moderne Chair Set. Checker Filet Chair Set. Pineapple Chair Set.

Davenport Set. Hairpin Lace Chair Set. Studio Couch Cover. Slip Cover for Chair Seat. Popcorn Man Stool Cover. Bedroom Bench Cover. Needlepoint Crochet Seat Cover. Trailing Vine Chair Seat Cover. Place Mats and Chair Pad Covers. Chair Seat Cover. Bathroom Bench Cover. Striped Kitchen Set. Apple Orchard Set. Tweed Chair Seat Cover.

Shaded Squares Loop Stitch Set. Grecian Block Seat Cover. Pattern Categories Browse the categories to help you find the patterns you're looking for. Search this site:. Navigation Recent posts Feed aggregator.

Bamboo Chair Set. Memories Chair Set. Tomorrow Chair Set. White Magic Chair Set. Tropicale Chair Set. Serape Chair Set. Madame X Chair Set. Snowdrift Chair Set. Buckingham Chair Set. Lucky Star Chair Set. Giant Mesh Chair Set.

Lovely crochet chairbacks

Lovely crochet chairbacks