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KCTV5 News told you last week about a meth bust in Kansas City where pounds of narcotics were found inside metal containers welded to the inside of tires. Mexican drug cartels are operating all over the Kansas City metro, according to a Jackson County drug task force. A tip led them to a Kansas City, Missouri street where a search warrant led to the seizure of tires filled with meth. Cartels get creative when smuggling drugs in customs and border protection has a few recent examples. Fentanyl in a vehicle transmission, heroine in a gas tank, marijuana inside a car door and cocaine in clay figurines.

Mexican drugs bust

They often work in collaboration with other organised crime operations such as middle-eastern and Asian Mexican drugs bust. More Stories from World. Jefferson Buat 3, am. Post a comment. KCTV5 News told you last week about bus meth bust in Kansas City where pounds of narcotics were found inside metal containers welded to the inside of tires. Nine others were killed in separate attacks in the past 24 hours in Mexico's most Girl explores herself sexually city, across the Rio Grande from El Paso, Texas, according to police. Mexican drug cartels: How they infiltrated Australia and have more power than ever. Nust Hill shows her Mexican drugs bust bong, prompts legal threat 3 Ben Affleck seen stumbling outside Halloween party 4 Katie Hill paid 'campaign bonus' to alleged male lover 5 Mexkcan secretly exports its Mexican drugs bust to 32 states and Puerto Rico. Williams Commerce Sells Mexico. It should be obvious from this that cooperation with ICE is a BIG factor in taking drugs off the street and fighting crime, especially when you consider the crime issues related to the cartel drug trade

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Guatemalan Civil War — Sign in using your account Sign in. Low 44F. El Universal in Spanish. Archived from the original on Tila tequila cunt April As the United States of Battery vibrator is the world's largest consumer of cocaine, [] as well as of other illegal drugs, [] Mexican drugs bust demand is what motivates the drug business, and the main Mexican drugs bust of Mexican cartels is to introduce narcotics into the US. This has led to a surplus of cocaine which has resulted in local Mexican dealers attempting to offload extra narcotics along trafficking routes, especially in border areas popular among low income North American tourists. The New York Times. According to a Stratfor report, the number of drug-related deaths in and 2, and 2, more than doubled to 5, in The emergence of internal federal agencies that are often unregulated and unaccountable also contributes to the occurrence of human rights violations. On May 28,officers at the Morley Pedestrian Crossing in Nogales sent a year-old woman to a secondary inspection after noticing her clothing appeared suspicious, the CBP said. Attorney Peter Strasser said the defendants are charged with trafficking meth, heroin, cocaine and firearms. Yea just keep letting these kind of people in our country Mexican drugs bust they only want a job.

By Jackie Salo.

  • WVUE - Federal prosecutors announced a major drug bust and the arrest of people in two parishes that were allegedly connected to a Mexican cartel Monday July 1.
  • Yea just keep letting these kind of people in our country democrates they only want a job.
  • AP -- Federal authorities say a drug sweep in Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia has netted more than pounds kilograms of methamphetamine.
  • When the Mexican military began to intervene in , the government's principal goal was to reduce drug-related violence.
  • Two Mexican nationals and a Cleveland man were charged in federal court after law enforcement agents seized more than pounds of methamphetamine, believed to be the largest seizure of meth in Ohio history.

Eleven people were arrested yesterday in the city of Tijuana after a pre-dawn gun battle between members of the drug cartel and police and soldiers - two people were injured. Scroll down for video report. Biggest bust: Police recovered 10, packages containing tonnes of cannabis in Tijuana. Inscriptions: The parcels were colour coded and some included a picture of cartoon character Homer Simpson accompanied with the writing: 'I'm going to get high, dude!

Busted: Eleven men were arrested by the Mexican authorities after a pre-dawn shootout on Monday. It was discovered after police on a routine patrol intercepted a convoy of vehicles escorting a tractor-trailer that had left the warehouse, officials said.

A shootout ensued before the 11 arrests in the city, which is across the U. Police and soldiers, acting on information from the suspects, raided the warehouse and two homes, where smaller amounts of marijuana were found. The neatly packaged cannabis - guarded by masked, heavily armed soldiers - was later displayed for the media at Morelos Army Base in Tijuana.

General Duate said that the marijuana was destined for America, and that authorities were still counting and weighing the packages, meaning the amount could increase. Seized: Alfonso Duarte Mujica, the military's top commander in Baja California, said the drugs had an estimated street value of 4. Gun battle: Two people were injured - one police man and one member of the cartel - in the pre-dawn shootout. The drugs, he said, were wrapped in different colours and labelled with apparently coded phrases and pictures that included cartoon character Homer Simpson.

The inscription on that particular package - 'Voy de mojarra, que wey! On other drug parcel there were the names of animals, such as bulls and wolves, and on some there were symbols, including arrows. The colours and the symbols are thought to be indicators as to where the parcels were destined.

Rounded up: The suspects are shown standing before the cannabis wrapped in 10, brown and silver packages, which had been hidden in six cargo containers. Symbols: The parcels had symbols and words on them - believed to indicate where the drug were to be shipped to. Coded: Here smiley faces are shown on the parcels. The drugs were destined for America, officials believe.

Although Mexican drug cartels smuggle marijuana from South America, the drug is increasingly produced in Mexico. Cannabis production in Mexico increased 35 per cent to 12, hectares 29, acres in , from 8, hectares 21, acres the previous year, according to the U. State Department's International Narcotics Control report. The report attributed the increase to drug cartel efforts to 'diminish reliance on foreign suppliers'.

The seize marks a big break through against the cartels in the ongoing drug war in Mexico that has claimed 28, lives since Battle: Some 28, people involved in the drug war have died since Mexican President Felipe Calderon announced the crackdown in President Felipe Calderon, who recently visited Tijuana, launched the nationwide crackdown four years ago, deploying some 50, troops. Last year, Mexican security forces confiscated a total of 2, tonnes of marijuana, according to government figures.

Mexico's border regions, especially the major towns directly on the U. Violence peaked in Tijuana in amid a showdown between two crime bosses - Fernando 'The Engineer' Sanchez Arellano and Teodoro 'El Teo' Garcia Simental, a renegade lieutenant who rose through the ranks by dissolving bodies in vats of lye.

Garcia was arrested last January. While killings have continued, the most gruesome displays of cartel violence - decapitations, hangings and daylight shootouts - subsided. Last week, in the wake of President Calderon's visit, several bodies were found beheaded and hanging from bridges in Tijuana, leading to fears that the cartels were resuming brutal tactics to send a message that the government is not in control. In Ciudad Juarez, gunmen burst into a private party on Sunday and shot dead nine people, including six members of one family, security officials said.

Four people died on the spot, two others died in hospital, and the remaining two were hunted down by the gunmen and shot dead near the airport. Nine others were killed in separate attacks in the past 24 hours in Mexico's most violent city, across the Rio Grande from El Paso, Texas, according to police.

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Archived from the original on July 8, Latin American Herald Tribune. There has been a complete and total loss of control by the government and the only response has been to increase army presence, notably an army whose officials are often on the drug cartels payroll. August 4, The driver was arrested on suspicion of drug smuggling and turned over to U. When the Mexican military began to intervene in , the government's principal goal was to reduce drug-related violence. Retrieved 1 December

Mexican drugs bust

Mexican drugs bust

Mexican drugs bust

Mexican drugs bust. Search form


'Record' fentanyl drug bust made at US-Mexico border - BBC News

Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner Bruce Hill announced more bad news in February this year, saying "until , the cartels were sending up to kilograms of ice a year". But the US got Shorty. Australia is a soft target for the cartels, with about 7,, twenty-foot shipping containers passing through the docks every year.

In , for example, just , were inspected - externally - and 14, were examined inside. Well-organised crime entities - like Guzman and his Sinaloa cartel at one end, and our local outlaw motorcycle gangs at the other - secretly mark containers carrying the drugs using their own code, so only they can readily identify them on arrival. They land in remote locations or small airports with no customs or immigration posts. They often work in collaboration with other organised crime operations such as middle-eastern and Asian gangs.

Forget turf wars. The greatest risk to these operations is a leak or an undercover agent, and, with dramatically improved communication in global policing, that threat is growing. Australian retail dealers sell a diluted product, cut from pure with things like laundry powder, for up to AUD per gram - purity down, profit up. Mid-afternoon on Friday 26 July, , heavily armed police stopped a red hatchback in heavy traffic in Neutral Bay, astounding shoppers and school children on their way home.

The startled pedestrians recovered quickly and deployed their smartphones, recording police dragging Mexican nationals Federico Gonzalez Magana and Juan Vergara Rodriguez from the car.

The tip-off to the operation was suspicious money transfers detected by Australian authorities. The two men faced a trial by jury in the NSW District Court in charged with "traffic in a commercial quantity of controlled drug" and "deal in proceeds of crime" — the cash police seized. Magana was convicted, and on August 19, , sentenced to a total of 18 years. Culiacan, a city of around , people in the municipality, is the capital.

Bandits and cartel soldiers patrol the road, looking for opportunities for a fast dollar or potential threats to the cartel. It is dotted with small settlements, often with large trails of smoke streaming from them. On landing, you see an airport stacked with expensive private planes — mainly fast twin-engine aircraft that have both cargo-carrying and long-range capacity, and a sprinkling of private jets.

Heavily-armed police in body armour stand in the open backs of these utes, and brandish high-powered rifles, machine guns and shotguns. When I visited the swanky Cayenna restaurant, on the lush green banks of the slow-moving Rio Tamazula in central Culiacan, I was probably the only diner without a gun and a bodyguard.

Guzman was hiding out in Sinaloa and moving frequently to evade the hunters from both the US and Mexico. While in prison, he'd been working on a film about his life, and had his lawyers prepare documents to copyright his name. So when Kate suggested they meet and bring a friend — Sean Penn - he was over the moon.

Trouble was, the authorities were listening in, and pinpointed Guzman's whereabouts. Penn used his chat with Guzman for an article in Rolling Stone, which was published on January 9, The day before the article was published, Mexican Marines stormed a nondescript house in Los Mochis, a city in Sinaloa about kms north of Culiacan. After a gun battle that killed five people, the Marines found and arrested Guzman.

A year later, he landed in New York to face trial. She joins his daughter from an earlier marriage, Alejandrina, who also has her own clothing and accessories line.

But unlike Guzman, with his everyman looks, Quintero is cms tall and stands out in any crowd. Quintero is a long-time cartel heavy and one who flaunted his wealth with mansions in Culiacan, ample bling and glamorous women on both arms. His career hit a hurdle in when he ordered the abduction and murder of the very brave DEA agent Kiki Camarena, whose work while undercover, was the catalyst for a raid on a marijuana plantation worth US5bn.

The Los Angeles Times reported Camarena and colleagues had "uncovered scenes beyond the imagination of even the most veteran drug investigators". Camarena was abducted on February 7, , as he walked from the US Consulate in Guadalajara to a lunch date with his wife.

Quintero was at the safe house where Camarena was taken but left before the torture and beating began. Berrellez recalled the bizarre scene, saying "upon arrival we were confronted by over 50 DFS agents pointing machine guns and shotguns at us - the DEA". The announcement of the reward prompted Quintero to give an interview to Mexican news site Aristegui Noticias. He denied being a cartel member and said, "Now that I'm out I don't want to know anything about drugs.

I want to live in peace. Everyone deserves a second chance. A second chance to run a major drug cartel and one that targets, it seems, Australia.

Duncan McNab is an award-winning investigative journalist, television producer and the author of 11 books, mainly about crime.

Read more of Duncan's investigations here. Mexican drug cartels: How they infiltrated Australia and have more power than ever. Duncan McNab, Crime Editor. Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman. Credit: AP. Play Video. Crime Story Investigator Crime.

Mexican drugs bust