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Why is it always white liberals who are so offended by this stuff. No one is forcing you to read anything. And anyway who the hell are you to decide what is art and what isn't Carve the author's name in your chest while you're at it. Lets see how far you can push the whole void-of-orignial-thought and sycophantic, submissive virtue signaling.

No crum sex

No crum sex

I haven't read that many Crumb interviews myself, but a few standouts include the one where he said he didn't believe in science and the one where he called Obama a "house negro" The researchers think the brain boost may have to Naked girls orgy with the hormones released during sex. They all backed off after that! I knew I was a sissy. Good piece. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Me Money Pictures Special. If you are looking for a convenient, professional atmosphere for achieving your mental wellness, call Mountaineer Psychological Services today! If you know the No crum sex thing about Crumb, you would know that he is incapable of sexual assault.

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Sign Up. My Account. Robert Crumb Quotes. Please enable Javascript This site requires Javascript to function properly, please enable it. American - Artist Born: August 30 , Killing yourself is a major commitment, it takes a kind of courage. Most people just lead lives of cowardly desperation. It's kinda half suicide where you just dull yourself with substances. Robert Crumb. Courage Yourself You People. With comics, you've got to develop some kind of shorthand. You can't make every drawing look like a detailed etching.

The average reader actually doesn't want all that detail; it interferes with the flow of the reading process. You Drawing Look Reading. You must thank the gods for art, those of us who have been fortunate enough to stumble onto this means of venting our craziness, our meanness, our towering disgust. Art You Enough Us. You can't make everybody love you.

It's an exercise in futility, and it's probably not even a good idea to try. Love Good You Try. The fine-art world knows very little about the cartoon world. World Cartoon Little About. I use the old Strathmore vellum surface paper, which is the best paper you can get in the Western world for ink line drawing.

It has a good, hard surface. Best Good You World. When I go back to America, after a few days I am once again filled with this kind of angry alienation and disgust with this thing there that America has got - you have no idea how pervasive it is there. The public relations and propaganda put out by the corporate mono-culture there is so pervasive.

Angry I Am You America. The only burning passion I'm sure I have, is the passion for sex. Passion Sex Only Sure. When I come up against the real world, I just vacillate. World Real Against Just. I do covers for CDs and LPs of music that I like, reissues of old-time music, and then I'm inspired to make some kind of drawing based on this love of the music. I don't do album covers or CD covers for groups or musicians I don't like or have no interest in.

Love Music Drawing Musicians. Top 10 Robert Crumb Quotes. View the list. Violence begets violence, and then you get leaders who are violent men. And you don't want that. You Men Violence Want. The work itself is what motivates me. I like my own stuff, you know? I like the way it looks. I do it to please myself first. Work Myself Me You. I moved further and further away from mass entertainment.

The sexual element became increasingly sinister and bizarre. Don't blame me! The bastards drove me to it! They all backed off after that! Me Blame Entertainment Away.

I'm into old-time music; I'm not very interested in modern, popular music at all. And if I'm really into some particular old-time musician, some fiddler or banjo player, I'm always dying of curiosity to see what they look like. So there's some connection between visual images and music.

Music Look Curiosity See. Everything that is strong in me has gone into my art work. Work Art Me Strong. I felt so painfully isolated that I vowed I would get revenge on the world by becoming a famous cartoonist.

Revenge World Famous Get. I guess I didn't enjoy drawing very much. It was like homework. Drawing Enjoy Homework Like. I have always had an abiding interest in that type of female anatomy.

Always Interest Anatomy Had. Most of my adult life I had this towering contempt for America. Life America Adult Most. Oh, yes. I knew I was weird by the time I was four. I knew I wasn't like other boys. I knew I was more fearful. I didn't like the rough and tumble most boys were into. I knew I was a sissy. Time Weird Like More. When people say 'What are underground comics? Best Freedom You People. The Bible was not written for entertainment purposes, so it's a real hodgepodge and a compendium of all kinds of stuff.

Bible Real Entertainment Written. In my midteens I went through a brief stage of religious fanaticism, but it was very much about just saying prayers and stuff like that, reciting rosaries and spending a lot of time on that kind of Catholic ritual. Time Saying Stage Like. Some things I won't do for any amount of money.

Like for instance, there's a couple of CEOs of very large corporations that offered me lots of money to do special pictures for them. And I just refused to do that. Even if it was a million dollars I wouldn't do it.

Me Money Pictures Special. The French hold onto their traditions. I was always so alienated in America. My work was this constant reaction to that. Work America Always Reaction. There's many heroic underappreciated investigative journalists.

Heroic Many Journalists Investigative. Load more quotes. Prev 1 2 Next. Related Authors Andy Warhol Quotes. Robert Rauschenberg Quotes. Jean-Michel Basquiat Quotes.

Kevyn Aucoin Quotes. Yoko Ono Quotes. Georgia O'Keeffe Quotes. Jackson Pollock Quotes. Shepard Fairey Quotes.

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No crum sex

No crum sex

No crum sex

No crum sex

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Robert Crumb has always been known as the bad boy of the comics world. He has filled sketchbooks with smutty drawings of women , made offensive remarks and still manages to show at a top New York art gallery with fans waiting for an autograph.

The Philadelphia-born artist was a key figure in the counterculture movement in San Francisco during the sexual revolution and has now decided to stop showcasing the female form. Perhaps it was the result of the MeToo movement? No exaggeration.

I worked it all out somehow. Success and the love of real women helped me a lot. Aline really saved my dismal ass. But not everything has changed since the Summer of Love. While pointing out the pretty portraits of his wife, Crumb reveals his other lovers, too.

There are drawings of acrobatic women with Kardashian-sized rear ends, sleazy businessmen smiling behind cigars and one sketch of a rabbit man slapping a woman across the face. I could not help it. The sight of a woman with a large ass and strong legs instantly electrified me. It was not something I could stop myself from feeling. I was crazy enough not to think about the consequences too much. But things changed when Crumb received criticism.

But there is life after sketchbooks, for Crumb. A lot of ink has gone under the bridge. For decades, Crumb carried a sketchbook with him everywhere he went, something he learned from Leonardo da Vinci. It was the s, a time when he drew religiously. I was socially alienated and had a lot of time on my hands. His sketchbook subjects ranged from friends to girlfriends, strangers in public places and people based on magazine photos.

I now have a lower opinion of him than I did then. When asked if he feels misunderstood, he said only if his audience thinks he believes everything he draws. I did not draw those images with the intention to hurt anyone or insult anyone, with the exception of the very few times I did strips making fun of specific individuals, like Donald Trump. Conning people, deceiving people, that is what is harmful to them. Because Crumb has stopped drawing women. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Robert Crumb.

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No crum sex