Pouch briefs penis pointing up-New Japanese pants store your penis pointing upwards to let it 'breathe' | Metro News

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Pouch briefs penis pointing up

Pouch briefs penis pointing up

Pouch briefs penis pointing up

The testicles are gently pushed up and forwardleaving enough space inside the pouch to place your penis pointing down, up, or sideways. And in case you are curious my penis 6 X 5. Don't use hot-dryier. Add Reply Options. And briefs can hide the bulge better.

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This one is a bad item. We are masters in manufacturing men's underwear with support pouch that is also hyper comfy and durable, and will continue pleasuring male genitalia for many more years. They feel amazingly good. My sons absolutely love wearing them. I am not a teenager and I'm not too concerned about impressing the opposite sex with the size of my equipment. They're so erotic and comfortable. This would be a good way to get your dick sucked My mom knows that my dad wears the erector briefs, but she doesn't mind. The girls don't Vietnamese grilled shrimp recipe I'm erect, so I'm no longer nervous about getting hard around girls. The pouch is quite liberating, Pouch briefs penis pointing up it keeps my manhood prominently displayed for the ladies in a stylish way. I have worn them Pouch briefs penis pointing up a couple of years, and they have done a great job of supporting the growth of my penis by giving me frequent erections. I can not wear it down because i sit on it or it snakes down my pant leg and looks obscene. Anyway, I think the King Style Balls in One Erector Briefs are an ideal way for teenage boys and young men to deal with having spontaneous erections. I wish this undy did not have a top hole and the was longer enough to hold erections. Unfortunately they can't contain my penis!

Please help guys - underwear problem penis up Discussion in ' Underwear, Clothing, and Appearance Issues ' started by runtc10 , Jan 3,

  • I have a pair and I like them, but the mesh pouch kinda rubs against ur balls and is a likke uncomfortable after a few hours.
  • In case you are still wondering, this quote is taken from one of our long-time customer reviews referring to our pouch underwear concept: "Just like the breasts on a woman are more beautifully displayed with the right support in her bra, this pouch design takes what a guy has and gives it a different look and feel".
  • Please help guys - underwear problem penis up Discussion in ' Underwear, Clothing, and Appearance Issues ' started by runtc10 , Jan 3,

Welcome Guest Log In Register. How to properly wear underwear for guys. NET forums Advertisement. Read latest posts. Feb 12 , PM, updated 7y ago. Show posts by this member only Post 1. Junior Member posts Joined: Jan So how do u guys properly position your penis in the underwear? For me I position my penis facing downwards, but when erect, my penis would tend to sort of curl downwards and get really stuffy.. I don't know if I should position my penis another way or I'm wearing too-tight underwear but I think my underwear is the right size.

By the way the kind of underwear I always wear is the type shown in the picture, usually brand by Byford's or Renoma's I wonder if it's normal for me to feel my erect penis feeling pretty tight in the underwear?

Card PM. Quote Reply. Feb 12 , PM. Show posts by this member only Post 2. Junior Member posts Joined: Feb From: house above a tree. Show posts by this member only Post 3. Show posts by this member only Post 4. Show posts by this member only Post 5. If your penis is erect, the question is not how to make it more comfortable but to help it become NONerect so you can resume your life and daily activities without your underwear feeling tight :P Go in the toilet, take it out, deal with it, then put non-erect penis back in pants - it wont be tight then.

On a more serious note, my partner wears boxers and he prefers them. None of his pants are too tight or even tight, they all fit properly so there is no problems with comfort. Occasionally he adjust how he sits if it isn't comfortable but thats it. Yes, when he is erect, it bulges very obviously but he takes a few minutes to deal with it whether via mind over body, or go fap so its satisfied then kautim la.

Normally never an issue. It is not as natural and comfortable as boxers for him. BTW, how else would a man position his penis in briefs other than downwards???? Takkan position upwards or sideways :P. Show posts by this member only Post 6. Show posts by this member only Post 7.

Show posts by this member only Post 8. What if I'm occupied with something else? I always just let it be and it would go away in a while. And yes, some people do put their penis upwards. Feb 13 , AM. Show posts by this member only Post 9. My partner works as an office administrator, when he is at work he is often helping people or interacting or showing offices, takkan he can just walk around with a bulge at his crotch.

There have been occasions when he has been stiff and sitting behind a desk, in that case he doesn't bother with it :P I admit I am occasionally to blame as I send him messages or call him and get him hard :lol: So yea, if its not an issue, leave it be lah. Maybe consider one size larger so during those times you don't feel like its too tight?

And really? I don't have a penis so I can't say how it feels nor have I given much thought to how to position it in under garment but I never thought 'up' was a natural position when flaccid :P Gravity and all that.

Show posts by this member only Post I guess, there are no proper way of wearing an underwear? As long as u feel comfortable, wearing it inside out also no problem :sweat:. IS this about choosing the right underwear or learning the way to place your penis in your underwear? You can choose tight boxer shorts. I wear that and its really comfortable. Loose boxers at home before going to bed. I place my penis upwards so whenever i got an erection it is easier to adjust. Plus it gives more freedom to your balls.

Feb 13 , PM. Senior Member posts Joined: Apr LoL That part was in response to TS who was asking clarification on 'handling' a bulge immediately and leaving it be so I shared. He responded in good humor and did not mention anything about crap, good sir.

So it may have been unnecessary to you but as it happens - it was not meant in reponse to anything you posted anyway. The second part which you say was 'the point' was intended in response to you and TS.

Some people may argue half this thread is unnecessary. Chill lah. I don't have a penis, if I did I would give my two cents but as I don't, I give my two cents about the only penis I DO have ; If it seems unnecessary please feel free to ignore it or even report it. Sometimes so slow :o. Junior Member posts Joined: Mar Dont you guys feel uncomfortable placing it upwards??

Elite 11, posts Joined: Jan I'll refrain from posting the pic. If you're at work, make sure nobody can see your screen before you click With these new and popular briefs you don't have to decide.

They decide for you. Made from a soft, moisture-wicking blend of spun polyester and nylon, this erector brief provides unparalleled comfort and a unique wearing experience. They are manufactured by King Style exclusively for International Jock. Therefore you can only get them at International Jock. They are proving to be very popular and have been out of stock for quite a while.

You should check out this cool new technology. Haha troll more I dare u to show ur erection in public, in front of beautiful young ladies. Or maybe in ur public transport or in ur office during a meeting The 2nd link u posted,about preferences, that's talking about our natural curve of the penis is it? And that 3rd link is exactly what I want to know. So it looks like some people put it up. And some people put it down, but when they are erect, they push it up or sideways.

I always put mine down too, but when I'm erect, I never bothered to adjust it or anything, so maybe that's why it feels quite tight in my underwear while I'm erect. Feb 14 , PM. Haha I wish man.. Senior Member 1, posts Joined: Apr Anyway this is deviating from my main topic. So now I still continue positioning my penis facing downwards in my underwear while my penis is flaccid, but when I'm erect, I try to push it up or sideways.

After I googled about this topic and see opinions from other forums and in this thread, I figured that when the penis is erect, it's better to push it upwards so that it won't feel so tight. Feb 15 , PM. Senior Member 3, posts Joined: May Junior Member posts Joined: Nov Feb 17 , PM.

Senior Member 5, posts Joined: Apr Take it out and deal with it as in how? Am I thinking what u are thinking? For me, I let it go away by itself lol. And I agree, briefs feels a bit constricting for the penis, I only wear briefs when I'm out, when at home, I'm always in my pants only. But I don't want to wear boxers, as I have a lot of briefs already.

And briefs can hide the bulge better. Feb 18 , AM. I notice that a lot of guys dun wear underwear at home.

I'm a teenage boy in tenth grade, and my older bro is a sophomore in college. After my initial shock, I realized that it was actually quite a turn-on to know that his penis was always erect. My erection is hidden better in these briefs than in the regular ones I wore through high school that were supposed to supress erections. The erector briefs are also marketed primarily to the East Asian market, and East Asians tend to have smaller dicks than Westerners. Give them a try and see if they work for you. My friends and I on the boys' basketball team have all started wearing the erector briefs this year. My two brothers and I are in high school, and we wear them all the time.

Pouch briefs penis pointing up

Pouch briefs penis pointing up. Advertisement:


Please help guys - underwear problem penis up Discussion in ' Underwear, Clothing, and Appearance Issues ' started by runtc10 , Jan 3, Most Liked Posts. Hey guys i really hope someone can help me. Does anyone know what the best underwear are for guys who like to wear their penis pointing up. I can not wear it down because i sit on it or it snakes down my pant leg and looks obscene. If you could link me to specific underwear i would be the most greatfull guy in the world. I need more fabric in the hip area becausse thats where my dick is.

Often the fabric is too limited and my penis falls out. And in case you are curious my penis 6 X 5. I hope that this underwear doesn't lets your balls get squeezed flat or so. Your problem is solved by using regular briefs, boxer briefs or thongs. When I wear briefs, Speedos, or cycling shorts, I have to keep my dick pointed up or it feels uncomfortable to me. It requires constant adjustment. A few years ago, I got tired of fighting gravity and switched to boxers. If my dick is gong to hang down, I may as well give it room.

I am curious to try these underwear and will probably buy a pair. Just might make me like briefs again. Hungdane46 Well-Known Member. I have tried them. I think they squeeze my balls a bit too much, but it is acceptable.

The problem is that my cock just fit when it is soft and comes out when it gets hard, which happen quite often for me. I'm a bit up and down about this issue! Sometimes I like to dress up and sometimes I prefer to dress down, but either way, I find underwear that supports my cock and balls with a properly shaped, supportive pouch is the best. I have spent a lot of time looking for the perfect pair of underpants and found it in 'Lunch' underwear.

They have a pouch which supports you balls and keeps the whole business out of harms way during the day so there is no more sitting on myself! They are great penis up or penis down. I highly recommend them. They also give you an impressive bulge, which I quite like showing off too! Very impressive!

As far as I know, the King Style erector briefs are the best for having your dick point up! They keep you at least semi-erect all the time and give you the maximum of erections throughout the day. Unlike most cock rings, they are also safe to wear all the time; sometimes, I wear them all week but changing pairs each day, of course, and they feel great to sleep in.

I point my dick a little bit outward within the erection pouch so that my dick doesn't pop out. Show Ignored Content. Draft saved Draft deleted. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

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Pouch briefs penis pointing up

Pouch briefs penis pointing up

Pouch briefs penis pointing up