Sexy feet torture stories-Tarzan's Torture

Throughout history, the ways women have been tortured at the hands of the men who tried to control them will send a shiver down your spine. Women have been tortured to repress their sexuality, silence their tongues, and conform to standards of beauty. Most of all, women have been tortured to break their spirit and to keep them submissive to the men who feared what a liberated woman might mean for their fragile worldviews. The majority of the methods and devices men created for the purpose of this cruelty were intended to humiliate the female victim. Many of these instruments of torture used on women display an overt sexual-sadism that torture methods used on men simply did not.

Sexy feet torture stories

Sexy feet torture stories

Sexy feet torture stories

His whole body was limp except for his face. Only a deep Sexy feet torture stories could pull this off. One of the guards knelt beside her and captured her delicate ankle in his sweating fingers. When they switched the List of marvin gay songs for short bamboo canes I thought it was over for the ceet girl. In fact, when I snap my fingers, you will sleep and that is that. Since he was a teenager, he was keenly aware of his unusually attractive feet. I had to keep tortude sense of proportion, torturr remember that she actually looked back on it all with affection now, but believe me, it's difficult to describe the feelings of horror yet strange masochistic arousal I got, from seeing my Mum sexually tortured on Sexy feet torture stories porno film!

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Valerie was almost twenty years old. She was tall blonde with slim figure and she was very attractive. Her family had recently moved into town and she had joined local handball team a week ago. What should I do? The training had already begun and she was still in the locker without proper shoes.

I have to go barefoot. Sylvia Taylor was a coach of the local handball team. She was in her mid-forties but she had done sport all her life and her figure was still slim and strong. She was very respected handball trainer but she was really tough on her girls. Valerie entered the training hall when the other girls had started her warm up and the coach was reading her training notes.

Valeria approached Mrs. Taylor timidly and addressed her politely. Everything is still new for me in this town. She gave her a long inspecting gaze and then asked her. Where are your shoes, girl? I can train with others! Taylor raised an eyebrow. Join the other girls. Taylor had watched Valeria for a while and then she called Jenny, Roxy and Francesca. The girls were the most experienced and talented players of the team. They were good friends and their word was a rule among others.

Her name is Valeria. Do you see her? What do you think? Taylor said. Valeria had been practicing defense moves with two other girls when someone shouted at her. Valerie quickly turned to the sound and saw one of the older girls — Francesca throwing a ball towards her. Francesca has long brown hair in a pony tail and was one of the strongest in the team. The pain exploding in her toes overwhelmed her and she started to hop up and down on the other foot.

The nearest girls rushed to help her, but Valeria heard a trio of girls laughing at her. She recognized Francesca, the one that had thrown the ball, Roxy and Jenny.

Valerie frowned, waved the other girls away and hopped up and down a few times to relieve the pain. Her toe was getting better, it still hurt a bit and was a little red but it was bearable and she had to continue the training. After a quick pause, which Valeria had spent rubbing her hurt toe, the training continued with one-on-one defense situations.

Valeria had tried as best as she could and she had been relatively successful. She was fast and was doing well, until Roxy became her sparring partner. Valeria had to do her best to keep the pace with her opponent. You stepped on my foot!

Valeria wanted to answer her but had to concentrate on hopping up and down on her left foot while she was clutching her right foot. Her instep and toes throbbed with pain and she had to bit her lip not to shout loudly.

When she had reached the corner, she sat down and started to rub her hurting foot with both hands. My foot! That bitch had to do it on purpose!

That hurt! Valeria looked up and saw Mrs. Taylor watching her closely. Are you hurt? Taylor told her. It was a small misunderstanding! I needed only a few moments! She almost cried in pain when she put a weight on her stomped right foot, but she managed to stifle the scream and run back to the center of the hall. Her right foot protested painfully with each step, but Valeria was determined to continue. Jenny, Roxy and Francesca had watched as Valeria rejoined the training and they gave her a moment pause so she would lose her concentration a bit.

Valeria had kept the pace with other girls but it was difficult, because her right foot had been hurting. She happily welcomed a pause declared by the coach after a few minutes. Valeria sat on a bench and wiggled her hurt foot under the bench. After the pause Valeria had been assigned to a group jumping over balancing forms. They had to jump over and over in long cycles. It was easy at start, but after dozen iterations she started to feel tired.

The last balancing form was the largest one and she had to get off the ground to jump over it. When she was returning back to the start she hadn't noticed Jenny as she had moved one of the nearby crates right behind the last balancing form. Valeria took a deep breath and started her final round. She jumped over the first, second and the third balancing form and bounced up to jump over the last one.

She jumped over the last obstacle and landed behind it, but her momentum forced her to make another step forward, and her left toes stubbed hard to the crate. She stubbed her big toe and the next two toes really hard and the pain exploded in them.

Her wearied right leg protested with a dull pain but the throbbing pain in her stubbed toes was many times worse.

My toes! Who put it there? Who did it? I stubbed my toes! I stubbed my toes very hard! A few girls from the team heard her and looked at her with questioning looks, but the dismissive gesture of Mrs. Taylor forced them to continue the training. That hurts! They couldn't be broken, could they? Taylor assessed the situation coldly. Roxy and Francesca will help you to the toilet. Roxy and Francesca had been already waiting nearby and they hurried to help her. The girls grabbed her by her arms and without another word went to the toilet.

Valeria was half carried half hopping on her right foot between them holding her left leg up. Valeria expected cold water to help her throbbing toes, but her toes were immersed into very hot water instead. My toes are hot! When she finally calmed down, she looked at her hurting toes.

They were red from stubbing and hot water, but she could at least wiggle them. Valeria looked hatefully at the girls. Roxy grinned and Francesca approached her face to face. Is it clear? She felt embarrassed staying on one leg and holding her left foot in both hands under her. I think that you can scream very loudly. The pain caused her to switch her feet and she tried to make a hop on her hurt left foot.

The left foot protested with another pain that caused Valeria to try another switch. Valeria screamed in pain and frustration and toppled to her butt. Roxy and Francesca were leaving the room laughing and Roxy turned back at sitting Valeria. Valeria bit her lip, but paid her attention to her feet. All of her toes were now throbbing in pain and she tried to ease the pain by rubbing and squeezing them in equal measure. As she was nursing her hurting toes and sobbing silently she made a vow.

She promised herself that she will have revenge. As she was rubbing and caressing her hurting toes many brilliant ideas came to her mind. Valeria had been sitting in the toilet room for quite some time.

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Sexy feet torture stories

Sexy feet torture stories

Sexy feet torture stories. Upload successful

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An American pilot and nurse have been captured by the Chinese during the Korean war. He refuses to give up information although beaten. Now he is to watch the beautiful young nurse tortured. Chang Li lazily clapped his hands twice. The curtains parted on the other side of the room.

Two goons strutted in on their bandy legs. Each of them had hold of one of Carole's arms. They had twisted them brutally behind her back. The fiends had changed their approach. They had a new way of breaking me. The guard holding me grinned menacingly. His sidearm dug into my ribs. Chang Li wants only to hear woman's cries.

She was still dressed in the white nylon uniform, although it was no longer crisp and neat. Ugly rips appeared in the top and the skirt was pretty well tattered. Her feet were bare. Chang Li winked appreciatively at the expanse of Carole's naked flesh.

I was sure that having a magnificently formed American nurse before him was a rare treat for the blubber faced monster. Carole's eyes were filled with terror. She shuddered at the touch of the yellow hands which circled her arms. With renewed frenzy I sawed away at the bonds which held me. Carole stood before him, her head held high.

I am not a combatant. Many soldiers here. Many more in Peiping. You work hard. Chang Li blinked his opium dulled eyes at her. Already he was breathing hard. He looked like some monstrous thing from deep beneath the sea. You be treated just like other American prisoners.

For the first time I saw the ugly rings which had been imbedded in the floor. A charge of horror raced through my blood. I could take what they had done to me. But looking at Chang Li through the slit of the curtain, I knew that there was more than rage in the man.

He was savoring every bit of Carole's torment. What would give the beast more pleasure than the torture of a white woman? To defile her would be to bring the final degradation to Chang's mortal enemies. I tugged again at my wrists. The cords slipped a little more but I was far from free.

Wildly Carole looked around her. She gasped pitifully as she watched one of the guards tug on a heavy rope which hung from a hoist at the ceiling. Her fear was beginning to get the better of her. With practiced fingers, the gook fashioned the line into a stiff noose. I wondered whether the bastards were going to hang Carole outright. I almost prayed that they would. But I knew better than to hope for a quick and merciful death for her.

As if punctuating my thoughts, one of the guards seized Carole's slim arms and pulled them high above her head.

The other bastard slipped the noose over her shoulders and around her soft breasts, fashioning it into a diabolical halter. I saw the rope dig into her soft flesh, pinching and bruising it and turning it an angry red.

Another length of line was brought out and with practiced precision Carole's wrists were lashed behind her back. The stinking Chinese bodies pressed into her. I saw her wince; her face went white and her breasts heaved rapidly with her terrified breathing, but she didn't cry out. One of the guards knelt beside her and captured her delicate ankle in his sweating fingers. He tugged it toward the floor ring and tied it securely. Then her other foot was tethered in the same manner, spreading her thighs far apart.

Chang Li watched closely, the saliva flecking his chin. He giggled wildly as Carole strained at her bonds, desperately trying to free herself.

Slowly he hefted his bulk to a standing position and waddled towards her. The two lesser characters fell back in abject respect for the general. He and he alone had the honor of stripping the helpless beauty naked. I could see just how long her degradation and pain would last. Chang Li took almost five minutes to work the tattered uniform over her hips and thighs. Carole could do no more than squirm helplessly in the tight bondage trying to avoid his fat fingers while he kept up a running commentary on the treatment he had in store for her.

Carole tried so hard to be brave but tears began to well up in her eyes. The gook who had been guarding me found the suffering of the half naked woman more to his liking and ignored me. I continued to saw away at the ropes. Evidently Chang Li had not touched the satiny smoothness of nylon before. He ran his hands over the nylon panties which covered Carole's hips. He tested the material of her pink bra.

His eyes were closed to the merest slits. Carole threw her head back and stared at the ceiling, gnawing at her lip and trying to keep from surrendering to fear and disgust which threatened to overwhelm her. With the most malevolent intent, Chang Li tugged at Carole's bra.

The sound of ripping cloth filled the room. Inch by agonizing inch he forced her snug fitting panties down over her thighs and finally wrenched them from between her knees.

Now she was naked with no protection from their diabolical stares. Chang Li turned his back on her an remounted the throne platform. The mad dream torture of the girl was being conducted in slow motion. Again Chang Li's fat hands clapped twice.

One of the gooks picked up a thin bamboo rod. I heard its terrible whistle through the air. I heard the ropes creak and watched them jump crazily as Carole thrashed about under the sting of the rod. Again the whip came back. This time it exploded across her supple hips, causing her to dance wildly. As I watched from the wings of Hell, one of the guards now stood shaving a bamboo splinter until is was sharp as a knife blade.

His eyes never left Carole's face. Avidly he watched her nude body writhing under his companion's lash. He stooped down before and grasped her foot. Carole's screams hit a new crescendo as the point of the sliver dug under her toenail. She watched with horrified fascination as the bastard lit a match to the end of the bamboo sliver. Slowly it twisted into a blackened ember, carrying the smoldering flame toward her flesh.

Carole fought the ropes like a crazy woman. All the time the whipping continued, the bamboo whistling across her naked hips and thighs. As the burning bamboo disappeared under her nail, Carole gave one last shriek of pure agony and fainted so she hung limply from the halter that encircled her breasts. They weren't done with Carole, not by a long shot.

Cold water was thrown in her face and she came to slowly, moaning in pain. The whipping had stopped for the moment but the gook kneeling in front of her had only been waiting for her to come around, and now began pressing another bamboo sliver under a fresh nail. Carole's screams bounced off the walls of the torture chamber as he slid the nail in deeper and deeper. When he lit the match and began to move it toward the new sliver, she began to beg the guard, sobbing, "Don't.

Please don't.

Sexy feet torture stories