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Thank you for visiting Tide. How to Remove Underwear Stains. Underwear stains are stubborn and unpleasant, but there is no need to spend time scrubbing the stains out. In a few easy steps, Tide can take care of your clothes and help to get rid of underwear stains. If the stain persists after washing, repeat the previous steps before tossing in the dryer, as drying will set the stain.

Stains on underwear

Stains on underwear

How to remove sweat and pit stains from clothing. Follow Metro. I keep "old" panties around for that time, so I wouldn't feel bad if they get stained. The tests are very simple and quick. No matter where in that exact range it lands, no makes the discharge coming from your vagina acidic.

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On lighter fabrics, using lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide on the stain is another way to go. Underwear stains are stubborn and unpleasant, but there is no need to spend time scrubbing the stains out. Tide Ultra Stain Release Liquid. Cleaning Soiled Underwear February 15, 1 found this helpful. Quick View. Or Publishers interested in latino books wearing lighter coloured underwear so the stains are less noticeable. Even if you really hate doing laundrythere are ways to Stains on underwear your favorite undies. I have been able to get out just about anything the kids can get on their clothes with this method. By Lee Taylor [15 Posts, Comments]. Lost Password? Published by ThriftyFun. I am still afraid; is it possible the other clothes got dirty from one pair of underwear and some of the poop remained in other clothes too? Load: Without rinsing off the Stains on underwear, place the garment into the washer with other items. Remember Me Login Create an account Stains on underwear and benefit from a bunch of awesome things.

You just bought that pair of underwear, wore them once, and threw them in the wash.

  • Depending on your vaginal pH and the time of the month, the acid levels in your vaginal discharge vary, as does its ability to wreck havoc on that adorable pink thong you just bought.
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  • Nothing ruins a good evening like going back to your place with a hot date and taking off your pants, only to reveal disgusting underwear stains.

There's nothing worse than ruining a perfectly good pair of underwear! I've always wondered why on the days my period catches me by surprise, I am inevitably wearing a cute pair of white or cream underwear. I've found that for me the best way to prevent stains is to either wear dark colored panties or a liner during the week before my period, just in case I get caught off guard.

I've found the best way to remove stains from your underwear is to soak them in cold water for at least 10 minutes. For whites, you should then use a little hydrogen peroxide or diluted bleach one part bleach to six parts water and gently rub this into the stain with a white cloth. For colors, you can mix two parts of water with one part salt, soak the fabric, and rub the stain with salt.

Once you've treated the stain, wash your panties in cold water. Make sure the stain is gone before you put the panties in the drier. Repeat these steps if it's not. If I had a dime for every pair of panties I've ruined. Maybe try pretreating your panties with a commercial product or hydrogen peroxide and then wash in cold water - hot water sets stains.

I keep "old" panties around for that time, so I wouldn't feel bad if they get stained. Soak stained clothes in ice-cold water, preferably overnight did you know hot water will set the stain?

Also, if I know my period is due, I try to make sure I'm prepared with a tampon or liner and my favorite undies will stay in the drawer. Just in case! Do not include personal information within comments including name, age, location.

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Lost Password? I have a question that I've been obsessing about recently. Blood stains can be removed from cotton by swabbing bleach on the garment with a cotton swab like a Q-tip. Mix together equal parts dish soap and hydrogen peroxide. Rinse well, then toss it in the wash. Live Chat. An underwear stain is hard to remove, but it's not the only tough stain out there.

Stains on underwear

Stains on underwear. Here’s Why Your Vagina Might Be Ruining Your Underwear


Why your vagina leaves 'bleached' patches in your underwear | Metro News

How to remove underwear stains. Follow the steps below and find out how to remove underwear stains in the first wash. Underwear stains are not the only tough stains you may come across on your clothes. You may also be left with questions like how to remove poo stains or urine stains , as well as how to remove odours.

Luckily, Ariel can give you outstanding results from the 1st wash even in case of tough stains. How to remove poop stains from clothes. How to remove urine stains. How to remove sweat and pit stains from clothing. For a better experience on Ariel. UK - English. Contact Us. Do you want to continue? Search for:. View All Products. View all. How to remove stains How to dose How to do laundry Washing different fabrics After the laundry is done Laundry tips and tricks.

View all articles. Common problems How to use a washing machine. View all topics. Sustainability Sustainability How to save energy Ariel packaging Sustainable manufacturing Concentrated detergent Renewable materials. View All. View all stories. Print this. Recommended 7 times Recommend this. Thank you for visiting Ariel. Email this. Share this by e-mail How to remove underwear stains There are errors in this page.

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Friend's e-mail. Please enter your Friend's email address. E-mail sent successfully Your e-mail has been successfully sent to the recipient. Load Place the garment into the wash with similar items. Leaving the liquid detergent on the underwear stain will give your wash that extra boost of cleaning power. Dose You can also use the pre-treat cap to ensure you use the right amount of washing detergent. Just fill it with the correct dose of liquid detergent and place it directly into the drum of your washing machine, on top of your dirty laundry.

Unload When the cycle is complete, unload the garments immediately. If the stain still persists, be sure to avoid heat like hot water, an iron or a dryer as this can set the protein stains. Make sure the stain has been completely removed before putting the garment in the dryer.

Effective stain removal on a variety of stains Underwear stains are not the only tough stains you may come across on your clothes. Related products Quick view. Ariel Original Washing Liquid. Quick view. Ariel Washing Liquid with a Touch of Febreze. Related Articles How to remove poop stains from clothes How to remove urine stains How to remove sweat and pit stains from clothing. Join now. Fun ways to connect with us.

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Stains on underwear